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WP EasyCart is a powerful FREE WordPress eCommerce store & WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that installs into new or existing websites.

Get a fast WordPress eCommerce shopping cart store within minutes! Sell retail products, subscriptions, digital downloadable goods, gift cards, donations, services and more!

EasyCart is a full Stripe cart, Square cart, and PayPal cart in one! Use Stripe payments to sell subscription and recurring billing products as well as offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

Sell your products on social media with our Facebook and Instagram premium extension. WP EasyCart makes it easy to sell on Facebook and Instagram with your WordPress cart.

WP EasyCart offers 30+ payment solutions that are SCA compliant (Stripe, Square, and PayPal Express) as well as GDPR compliant options. International ecommerce cart is no problem for EasyCart.

ecommerce shopping cart editions

WP EasyCart comes in 3 different shopping cart editions to cover every online store need.

FREE eCommerce Edition – Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, and sell with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe.
Professional eCommerce Edition – No Fees, 30+ Additional Payment Gateways, Live Shipping Calculators, Coupons, Promotions, Order Editing, Digital Wallet Payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay), Subscription products, and More!
Premium eCommerce Edition – Everything in the Professional Edition plus apps for Desktop, Tablet, iPhone, and Android plus 10+ Premium Extensions! Facebook & Instragram, ShipStation,, Quickbooks for Desktops, MailChimp, and others!

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ecommerce store for every theme

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will automatically create 3 new pages in WordPress for the store, cart and account. Customize with all our basic design features, utilize multi-currency & multi-language features, even add one of our dozen widgets to a sidebar to help you start selling your products.

WP EasyCart is a full Stripe cart, Square cart, and PayPal cart in one system. The shopping cart allows you to utilize Stripe, Square, and PayPal payments all in one cart.

Go FREE or Go PRO/Premium

WP EasyCart is a FREE eCommerce plugin that lets you sell unlimited products, manage orders, create basic shipping & taxes, and collect payments using PayPal Express as well Square or Stripe within your cart!

Upgrade to the Professional or Premium shopping cart and unlock order editing, subscriptions, recurring payments, membership content, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, 30+ additional payment processors, coupons, promotions and other awesome features.

With the Premium edition cart, you get all the great features of a Professional edition, plus access to 10+ extensions.
* Facebook & Instragram Feed
* ShipStation
* Quickbooks for Desktops
* Groupon importer
* Mailchimp
* And many more…

Premium edition users can also use our external apps for PC/Mac computers, iPad/Android tablets, and iPhone/Android phones. Not only can you sell with mobile ecommerce, but you can manage your store on mobile devices.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Payment Options

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe to collect payment from nearly any country in the world securely and quickly.

The Professional & Premium editions come with 30+ live payment processors such as Square, Stripe,, FirstData, Payment Express, PayPal Pro, Intuit, and many others.

Professional & Premium users can use the Stripe payment system’s extensive payment system which offers subscriptions, Digital Wallet Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and some of the best fraud protection tools in the industry.

Unlock ALL the payment gateways we offer in either of these popular editions. View a complete list of all free and paid edition payment gateways: View All Payment Gateways Here

Shipping & Taxes

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with extensive table rate shipping for price, weight, quantity and percentage based systems. Setup standard taxes based on states/provinces & countries.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions include all our live shipping integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. For taxes, you can utilize TaxCloud API for accurate city by city tax rates.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Order Management

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition lets you manage orders from within WordPress. Print sales receipts & packaging slips, add shipping notes, email customers, and view order information in one easy location.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions allow you to edit line items, add new line items, and edit all the customers order data for a complete business solution.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions


All EasyCart eCommerce plugins come with SEO editing for every product, menu and category you create to help selling your goods. Social sharing also lets your visitors immediately link to products that you sell.

With the Professional & Premium editions, you unlock all the eCommerce marketing options available in EasyCart; including coupons, promotions, gift cards, and abandoned cart systems.

Connect your store with Facebook and Instagram with our Premium extension. Manage feed info and automatically push latest stock and product information to Facebook and Instagram hourly, daily, or weekly.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

How to get started with the eCommerce plugin?

Simply install the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, activate, and walk through the settings to get your cart up and running.. Configure your cart to use PayPal Express, Square, or Stripe for a quick and easy way to get your eCommerce platform running and sell your items quickly.

Unlock your WordPress shopping cart when you are ready with more powerful features by visting WP EasyCart.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

We have a full eCommerce support center at WP EasyCart including an online users manual, video tutorials, and community forums.

Watch our Installation Video

Our popular eCommerce shopping cart videos series:

More videos can be found in our Video Library!


  • Professionally eCommerce shopping cart fits in nearly any theme!
  • Beautiful product detail displays!
  • Tile products in 1,2,3,4 or 5 column layouts!
  • Utilize dark background or light background themes!
  • Use our Widgets in sidebars!
  • Beautiful Storefront displays and related product!
  • Choose from several pre-designed layouts!
  • Manage all of your product details from our administrative console!
  • Responsive Design for mobile, tablet, and desktop!
  • Beautiful Layouts with responsive image areas!
  • Streamlined powerful checkout with 30+ gateways already integrated!
  • Administrative Wizard for 5 step setup process!
  • Manage all your store products with ease!
  • Store order management is easier then ever and very powerful!


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • WP EasyCart


Install a full WordPress Shopping Cart & eCommerce plugin in less than 5 minutes! Harness the most powerful Stripe cart, Square cart, & PayPal cart for WordPress in a few easy steps!

  1. Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Just log into your wordpress admin, visit plugins -> add new and search for ‘EasyCart’.

  2. Once you Install and Activate, we recommend you walk through our simple 5 step wizard to setup the intial pages, payment, taxes, and shipping. It only takes 1 minute and you can always change these settings via the WP EasyCart -> settings page.

  3. Start adding your store products using the products menu!

Watch our Installation Video

Popular eCommerce shopping cart installation videos

More videos can be found in our Video Library!

Installation Documentation

Users will love our full online documentation and free resources include online help documentation, full video tutorial library, and a community forum and knowledge base. Premium and Professional users will love the extra suppor they purchase with a license and one-on-one technical support with our 5 star tech team. JUST READ OUR REVIEWS!

Online Documentation: WP EasyCart Documentation
Online Video Tutorials: WP EasyCart Video Tutorials
Online Forums: WP EasyCart Forums
Need Technical Support? Compare Professional & Premium Pricing


Where can I get documentation or shopping cart demos?

We offer a full service website with online documentation, video tutorials, community support forums as well as demonstration sites running our various templates at WP EasyCart .

Can I use your eCommerce software to display, but not sell products?

Absolutely! If you do not need to sell anything, but would like to leverage our software to display products, please feel free to do just that! You can just put the store into catalog mode and it removes the ability to add to cart the products.

Can I sell my products on Facebook & Instagram?

Yes! With our Premium edition, you can use our Facebook & Instagram feed to publish your products into a Facebook Catalog. This lets you setup a catalog of products on Facebook, create compelling carousal ads across social media, and more!

What are the PRO and Premium eCommerce Versions?

The FREE version comes right here on WordPress and offers limited features for you including the abiliyt to have a PayPal cart, Square cart, Stripe cart, manual payments, unlimited products, product variations, order management, and so much more. Features such as coupons, live shipping rates, promotions, order editing, 30+ gateways, live shipping carriers, and many more are not included in the FREE version. Upgrading to Professional or Premium will unlock ALL core features and gets you updates and support for a year. Upgrading to Premium will get you everything in Professional cart plus access to our 10+ extensions and iPad, Android, and Desktop applications.

What extensions are in your Premium Edition?

Facebook & Instagram allows you to sell across social media. Quickbooks offers automated syncing down to your desktop quickbooks version. ShipStation offers order syncing for easy shipping management, labels, and email tracking. allows buying and paying for postage. Groupon, extra tabs, mandrill and mailchimp email, optimal logistics, affiliate WP Rates, and Bluecheck offer a variety of third party integration extensions that you get as part of our premium edition. Visit our website for full Premium benefits, including our mobile apps and push notification systems.

How does an eCommerce license work with your software?

The FREE plugin is the full WordPress eCommerce shopping cart software version; however, the PRO and administrative software that is downloaded from our website is licensed software. The PRO software will add all core features and the Premium version will allow access to our administrative software, apps, and extensions. You may continue to run the FREE WordPress plugin, but must purchase a license to use our PRO or administrative software.
Each license is good for one website URL or WordPress installation. You may transfer a license from a development environment to a production environment at any time; it is your license once you purchase one.
Licensing gives you features such as coupons, promotions, live shipping rate calculators and more. Plus you will receive support from our staff individually rather than through our community open support systems. For more information on licensing, you can view our website.

Do I have to pay monthly?

No, there are no monthly fees to pay with EasyCart. WP EasyCart allows you to utilize the plugin on one WordPress website for 12 months with upgrades and support. The Free edition has 2% EasyCart fees per transaction. The professional/premium edition have 0% EasyCart fees per transaction. *Normal payment processing fees always apply.

Will it work in my Theme?

Yes! EasyCart works on 3 WordPress pages, which are automatically created on installation. Our installer walks you through the steps quickly and if you have any theme issues, your theme developer or our staff can assist.

What Ecommerce payment gateways do you have?

We offer over 30 different gateways. Popular ones include Square, SquareUp, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow,,, FirstData, eWay, Payment Express, Sagepay, 2Checkout, Dwolla, Nets Nexaxept, Payfort, Realex, Redsys, Skrill, beanstream, braintree, Chronopay, Virtual merchant, Geomerchant, intuit, MIGS, Moneris Canada, Moneris US, NMI, Payline, Paypoint, Secure Pay, WorldPay and others. Check our documentation for a full up to date listing.


20 Februari 2024 1 reply
I needed to find a new cart system for a client's website and after an exhaustive search, I kept coming down to just a few options that met all the criteria for this particular client. WP Easy Cart consistently showed up in the results and had some high praise from users. What made the decision easy for me was Josh. Before I even downloaded the free version, Josh was quick to respond to my emails and countless questions. After purchasing the pro version, he was amazing in his support; guiding me through the setup process and even helped me with tips for customizing our reporting. This is an amazing cart system helmed by an amazing team. Josh is the best and you won't regret adding this plug-in to your site. If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would! Platinum level service!
2 Januari 2024
This plugin does everything you need. It gives you full control over your selling and order process. A bit more control over the product page would be nice. I would like to have a different layout for my products. But on the other hand this is a decent one size fits all shop! I have a small esthetic problem with the lay out and it’s unclear if its wp or the plugin. I emailed them and got a quick response with a solution.
28 November 2023 2 replies
I have just started using EasyCart, downloaded, installed and setting up all my products and membership choices for a not-for-profit car organization. I thought I needed some help and submitted a couple support questions, but after a day and a half, I've not received a reply. Regardless, I was able to figure out settings after watching the introduction and set up video. After a bit of testing, I think we can make this live for everyone!
20 November 2023 1 reply
We have been using WP EasyCart now for several years. In that time, the developers have kept adding features and improving performance. It has always worked well for us. And their support ticketing system is personal and prompt. We have rarely had to wait even 24 hours for a response and a resolution to problems we have encountered or questions we have had. Probably the nicest thing about the package itself is that it is self-contained. It is a full-featured online store package. There is no need to acquire other supplemental plugins to provide additional functionality.
27 September 2023 1 reply
I agree with most reviewers that its one of the very best e-commerce plugin. The only challenge I have (Cuts across all e-commerce store plugins) is they are not really optimsed for selling services. On our website, we offer direct to consumer laboratory tests. These are services and its been hectic trying to make the product page work. Secondly, I haven't figured out how to put a search box on the store page yet. This is a very helpful feature as we have hundreds of laboratory tests to choose from Again, thanks to theteam for the awesome plugin
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  • Bug Fix – Cookie domain issue on some servers fixed, uses constants if they are available.
  • Bug Fix – Square catalog api upgrade to allow multiple categories.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions fix for modifier pricing.
  • Bug Fix – Evalon/Opayo/Sagepay endpoint adjustment.
  • Bug Fix – Visual bug for adding modifiers to a product in PRO.
  • Bug Fix – Optionitem edit warnings fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe payments, there was a small window for an item to be out of stock, but order paid.


  • New Feature – Admin filter reviews by product
  • New Feature – Sidebar system allows for manufacturer filter.
  • New Feature – Dollar off coupon allows for discounting of shipping when subtotal is less than coupon total.
  • Bug Fix – Opayo endpoint updates before deadline.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription quantity feature was not allowing an update without updating billing.
  • Bug Fix – Create account button rounded corners bug.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription renewal emails image fix.
  • Bug Fix – iOS bug with disabled variants showing in dropdown fixed.


  • New Feature – Amazon S3 added in the option item download features (both override and additional files).
  • Bug Fix – Add to cart shortcode fix.
  • Bug Fix – Variation tracking, improvement to switching from infinite to tracked for single variants.
  • Bug Fix – Orders, filter by product, updated to order by product title.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for USPS dimensions with option item adjustments.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping rate validation implemented.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping on Stripe wallet payments had issues.
  • Bug Fix – Multiple combo boxes with option item quantity tracking and enable/disable feature didn’t always work.
  • Bug Fix – Candian tax rate saving fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Store manager type now may upload images for products.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription renewals were missing the model number in the order details.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriptions updated to use products + prices instead of plans so that management of price points is easier.
  • Bug Fix – Security fixes.


  • New Feature – Will now start logging stock adjustments for orders to help track down changes in stock for managers.
  • New Feature – Disable accordion or datepicker js in cases where themes have conflicting elements.
  • Bug Fix – Inquiry with SKU changes on variants now showing in email.
  • Bug Fix – Twitter icon switched to X.
  • Bug Fix – YouTube thumbnails fixed, usuing too small of images.
  • Bug Fix – Spaces not allowed in coupons, now stripped on entry of coupon code in the front end to prevent input errors.
  • Bug Fix – Special characters in reviews and google meta fix.
  • Bug Fix – Flex fees calcualtion fix in the reports.
  • Bug Fix – Variant tracking with infinite amount bug.
  • Bug Fix – Out of stock admin emails needed to be translated.


  • Bug Fix – Coupons causing visual error on shipping rates when not a shippable coupon code.
  • Bug Fix – Categories list in admin: Bug from previous version.
  • Bug Fix – Product display for option item images with first option disabled or without images. Updated to be more consistent with the product details display.


  • New Feature – Square inventory sync, you may now enable webhooks to have instant updates between Square and your store. Only applies to inventory count.
  • Bug Fix – Some product elements not clearing object cache on update.
  • Bug Fix – Square tokens upgraded to new version prior to the EOL in April of 2024.
  • Bug Fix – Product SKU verification no longer case sensitive.
  • Bug Fix – Elementor templates for gift cards fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Order ID display in order history of accounts.
  • Bug Fix – Sort order in tables for admin now includes default as the secondary sort order to break sorting ties.
  • Bug Fix – Paypal express button checkout: Address line 2 was missing from order information.


  • Bug Fix – Square inventory syncing fixed to sync inventory totals from Square automatically.
  • Bug Fix – Square inventory updating to square on purchase fixed, there were cases where the wrong ID would be saved to the database. Users having this issue should resync their products in the cart importer.
  • Bug Fix – Purchasing gift cards with coupon codes was not allowed, fixed to allow discounts on gift cards, while still not allowing purchasing gift cards with other gift cards.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping + Exclude from calculation feature initialized with no shipping total showing on account order details.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping + Exclude from calculation + live rates + handling rates was missing handling fee.
  • Bug Fix – Print receipt bug when current session does not match the guest key.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal with live rates and no rate selected bug fix.
  • Bug Fix – Marketing link in grey menu lead to broken delete links for coupons.
  • Bug Fix – Standard shipping message when no items in the calculation, but a handling fee added was not passing through to the order.
  • Bug Fix – Having a single payment method was not working with flex-fee filter by payment method.
  • Bug Fix – Flex fees with wallet payments fixed (when filtering to card payments).
  • Bug Fix – Flex fees with Square payments fixed (when filtering to card payments).
  • Bug Fix – Exclude from shipping, but still using handling rates was not working with wallet payments.
  • Bug Fix – Wallet payment was not switching payment method, which is needed for flex fees.
  • Bug Fix – Exporting images, where images are all in your media library, excel was forcing a comma formatted list into an integer. We have updated the export/import to use the format ml:# (media library:ID) so that it is easier to manage.
  • Bug Fix – Back in stock notification email needed to be updated.
  • Bug Fix – Category filter on product list page was not pulling in the total items properly, preventing pagination.
  • Bug Fix – Product filter on order list page was not pulling in the total items properly, preventing pagination.
  • Bug Fix – Option images, with out of stock variations, but backorders allowed was not showing all images.
  • Bug Fix – Option images, with out of stock variations, was leading to mismatching image, thumbnails, magnification, and lightbox view.


  • Bug Fix – Admin resend gift card email was not working
  • Bug Fix – Stock validation in specific situations was causing inconsistent payment results. Typically has to do with items selling out during the checkout process or a max per item limit.
  • Bug Fix – Various fixes for shipping rates with excluded shipping as the only product in cart.
  • Bug Fix – Various fixes for shipping rates with handling fees.
  • Bug Fix – Various fixes for shipping rates with handling fees and discounts.
  • Bug Fix – Switching store page was not refreshing permalinks.
  • Bug Fix – If you use an image optimizer, that switches out images for webp images, it was breaking thumbnail selection in the image popup for products.
  • Bug Fix – With Smush, thumbnails could be losing the data attribute needed to show full image on click, this has been resolved.


  • Bug Fix – Required company name was not applying in the account section when enabled.
  • Bug Fix – VAT show included/excluded had duplicate wording (wrong for included).
  • Bug Fix – PayPal issues with email missing on initial checkout resolved.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal issues with method shipping rates in some cases.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal transaction id was not storing properly, making refunds not possible directly from WordPress. Please refund directly from PayPal if you see an error from those orders when refunding.
  • Bug Fix – Linking issues possible on some servers for tables in the admin (logs, products, orders, etc…), not a common issue.
  • Bug Fix – Entering a text value into a percentage field and saving could cause issues on PHP8+.
  • Improvement – Moved setting to stay on product details after add to cart from checkout panel to product details settings panel.


  • Bug Fix – Firefox had an issue with the admin toggles, which were adjusted to improve mobile compatibility.
  • Bug Fix – Problem with shipping coupon discounts resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Issues with PayPal when using custom price labels on modifiers.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with Stripe when a connection error occurs. Now handles this error case more gracefully.


  • New Feature – Elementor elements for all product …