Easy Form Builder


Easy Form Builder is a drag & drop and user-friendly form creator that allows you to create multistep professional forms or contact-us forms within minutes.

If you’re looking to create custom multi-step forms without any coding skills, Easy Form Builder is the plugin for you. With over 30 field types and a simple drag-and-drop interface, building a custom form has never been easier. Easy Form Builder also includes a unique confirmation code (tracking ID) for each submission, allowing you to connect each submission to an individual request.

Easy Form Builder offers numerous features to make your life easier, including:

General features of Easy Form Builder

  • +30 field types for building forms

  • Simple drag and drop functionality

  • Build Multi step forms

  • Email notification

  • SMS notification

  • Confirmation code

  • Entry management

  • Form validation

  • Easily Localization

  • Build Forms with ReCAPTCHA.

  • Instant reply functionality

  • Support LTR and RTL languages

  • Mobile-friendly form builder plugin

  • Create an Email Template for Email notification

  • Easy to embed forms to WordPress page and post

  • Easy to use and no coding skills are required to build forms

  • New Contact us templates & Examples for creating a contact-us form in less than 1 minute

  • New Support and Feedback template & Example for build support form in 1 minute

  • Easily build any kind of form like contact-us form, survey form, payment form, private form

  • Easy form builder is a mobile-friendly form builder and you can easily build forms with Android or iPhone, smartphones or tablets

Free features of Easy Form Builder:

  • Unlimited form creation

  • Unlimited responses or messages forms

  • Multistep form creation (limited steps)

  • Sample file upload form

  • Create Support forms

  • Create subscription or newsletters forms

  • Create Login (sign-in) forms

  • Create Registration (sign-up) forms

  • Create Surveys (polls) and analyze

  • Build Private forms (lock forms) or Public forms

  • Export subscribers list to CSV format file

  • Email notification when a form has been submitted

  • Showing a unique confirmation code after filled forms

  • Send a notification email when the user has a new message

  • User-friendly and feature-rich panel to manage your forms and their responses

  • Shown Form notification on entry management when having a new response or message

  • Entry Management able to show response messages of forms and edit forms or delete forms

  • Reliable spam protection through Google’s reCAPTCHA v2 and localized automatically to your language

  • Add custom email template for form notification emails

  • Confirmation code (tracking ID) finder form

  • Show survey (poll) results in Pie Chart

  • Easily Localization Easy Form Builder to your language

  • Email notification automatically sends email messages every time a respondent submits your built form on Easy form Builder

  • Multiple Select (Multi Selection Dropdown list) field used to select multiple options in a support form or any kind of form

  • Change or Build Email Template for Email notification of forms

  • Forms Templates for creating contact-us or support forms

  • Save the IP of who is submitting a form

  • Customizable the thank you message in forms

  • Create any kind of form you want

  • Offline Forms

  • Download individual filled-out form (messages)

  • Slide Range Field for building Modern forms for free

New Forms Field of Easy Form Builder

  • SMS Notification: Easy Form Builder offers a robust SMS notification (Text message) feature, enabling real-time communication with your users upon form submission. Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement, SMS notification addon of Easy Form Builder allows you to send customized SMS alerts to your clients. You can personalize the message content, ensuring it aligns with your brand voice, and even include a link to the submitted form for easy access. Leverage Easy Form Builder’s SMS notification or Text message feature to keep your customers informed and engaged.

  • File Uploads: With our free File Uploads feature, effortlessly collect and manage files and media through your contact forms or other forms, saving you time and boosting the overall effectiveness of your online forms.

  • Drag and Drop file upload: Our user-friendly drag and drop file upload feature makes it easy to add images, videos, audio files, compressed files, and documents (including popular formats like Doc, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, and more) to your online forms. Streamline your support form and enhance your form-building experience with our intuitive file upload function.

  • Signature Forms: Make your contact forms stand out by adding signature fields for your users to sign. Signature forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as contracts or agreements. By including this feature in your forms, you can improve user engagement and increase the likelihood of form completion.

  • Location picker (Geolocation): With Easy Form Builder, you can effortlessly incorporate a Geolocation feature into your forms, including Contact Us forms. This powerful feature enables users to conveniently select one or more points using Google Maps API.

  • Countries list: Make it easy for your users to select their country with the Easy Form Builder’s country list select field. This drop-down field includes the local names of all countries, making it more user-friendly and accessible. Add it to your Contact Us form or country form today.

  • States / Provinces: With Easy Form Builder, you can easily add a States / Provinces list select field (drop-down field of states / provinces list) to your form. Our state/province list includes the local names of each region, so you can easily display the state names in any language. Plus, you can easily switch between countries to display the states/provinces of any desired location.

  • Cities dropdown: With the dropdown city list in the easy form builder, you can include the list of cities for a province in three language modes: English, local language, and English along with the local language in your form. This feature is perfect for creating forms that require users to select their city of residence.

  • Multiple Select:Add the ability for users to make multiple selections with the Multi-Select (or Multi-Select Dropdown) field. This field is fully customizable and even includes a searchable dropdown list. Easily add this feature to your WordPress form for free and improve your user experience.

  • Heading: With Easy Form Builder, you can add heading fields to your forms, just like H tags, without any coding skills. Customize the size and color of your headings to match your form’s style and design.

  • Link: With Easy Form Builder, you can easily add a link field to your WP forms. This feature enables users to include clickable links on their forms for enhanced user experience and improved conversion rates. With Easy Form Builder, you can customize the link field’s appearance and make it stand out with a variety of text sizes and colors to match your branding.

  • Offline form: You can now offer your users the convenience of filling out forms even when they are not connected to the internet. Our Offline Form feature allows users to save their progress and resume filling out the form at a later time, even if they are offline. This feature is available for free and is perfect for users who may have spotty internet connections or those who need to fill out lengthy forms in multiple sittings.

  • Secure forms submitting: With Easy Form Builder, you can ensure secure online form submissions. Our validation fields automatically check form data on the client-side before submission and then validate it again on the server-side for added security, all at no additional cost.

  • Secure File uploads: With Easy Form Builder, you can enjoy secure uploading methods for files and media through your contact forms or other forms. Our platform ensures that the files are safely and privately collected, giving your users peace of mind. Plus, with our free service.

  • Open/Closed responses: You can mark responses or tickets as open or closed directly from the platform. This feature enables you to track the status of your form submissions, ensuring that you provide timely and effective customer support. With Easy Form Builder’s open/closed responses, you can improve your customer service and increase customer satisfaction rates.

  • Hijri Date Picker : You can add a Hijri or Arabic Date Picker field to your forms. This feature is perfect for creating forms that require Arabic or Islamic date selection. The Hijri Date Picker is easy to use and allows your users to select a date from the Islamic calendar with ease. With Easy Form Builder, you can customize the appearance of the Hijri Date Picker field to match your form’s design and branding.

  • Jalali Date Picker : With Easy Form Builder’s Shamsi Date Picker, you can easily create forms that include Persian or Jalali date fields. This feature is perfect for users who need to collect dates according to the Persian calendar system.

  • Cell Phone Input Field :you can easily add a cell phone input field to your forms, allowing users to input their phone number with ease. Additionally, this feature includes the option to limit the input to specific countries, ensuring that users provide phone numbers in the correct format for your needs. With this powerful tool included in our form builder, you can create a wide range of forms, from contact forms to registration forms and beyond, all with the ability to collect cell phone numbers in a hassle-free manner.

  • Image Picker Field : Add image picker field in forms and let your users select an image as option this feature is based on image radio button for building forms.

Free advanced features of Easy Form Builder

  • Free WordPress User Registration Forms:Quickly create login and user registration forms with Easy Form Builder’s premade templates. Save time and improve user experience on your website with this hassle-free solution.

  • Create free Surveys and Polls forms: Design survey and poll forms and evaluate responses through advanced analytics and visualization tools like charts and reports.

  • Private Form (Form Locker): Take control of your form permissions with Easy Form Builder’s Private Forms feature. Set access control rules so that only members of your site can access certain forms, ensuring the privacy and security of your data.

  • Email Template: With Easy Form Builder, you can use 2 customizable email templates for sending form submission notifications at no cost.

  • Online Form Builder: With Easy Form Builder’s drag & drop and Multi-Step form builder, you can easily create custom WordPress contact forms and other online forms without any coding skills. This powerful tool helps you collect important information from your website visitors, improving your lead generation and customer engagement.

  • Multi Step Form Builder: With Easy Form Builder’s free and unlimited multi-step form builder, you can easily create complex and lengthy forms by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps for a better user experience.

  • Entry Management : With Easy Form Builder’s free entry management feature, you can effortlessly manage filled forms and responses from a user-friendly dashboard, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency.

  • Email Notification : Respond to incoming inquiries quickly with our instant contact form notification system available for free. Stay on top of your messages by receiving email alerts as soon as someone submits a contact form on your website. With Easy Form Builder, you can streamline your communication process and never miss an important message again.

  • Confirmation Code: With the tracking code assigned by Easy Form Builder after the form is filled out, the user can track the status of the filled-out form, acting like an advanced ticketing system, without the need for another service for free.

  • Create Custom Email Template: with this free feature on Easy Form Builder you can create or add custom email templates for forms. for add custom email template on Easy Form Builder go to “Easy Form Builder” → “Settings” → “Email Template”.

  • Spam Protection : Google ReCaptcha validation added to your forms for enhanced security against spam. for free.

  • Confirmation code finder form :Add the free Confirmation code finder form to your forms for enhanced tracking and management of user responses. With this feature, users can easily check their received answers or responses by entering their tracking code. You can access this feature on Easy Form Builder > Panel > Setting > General > copy Confirmation Code Finder for free

  • With Easy Form Builder’s free add-on, users can submit their form responses even when their internet connection is lost. The form data will be stored locally and can be submitted once the internet connection is restored. This ensures that important data is not lost due to connectivity issues.

Advanced Payment Forms Field of Easy Form Builder

  • Stripe payment : Easily integrate Stripe payment gateway to create payment forms for accepting online payments for various purposes such as order forms, booking forms, and donation forms.

  • Payment Single choose: The Payment Single Choose field displays a list of orders, services or products, allowing users to select one item on the payment form.

  • Payment Multi choose: The Payment Multi Choose field displays a list of services or products or orders, allowing users to select multiple items on payment or order forms.

  • Supported currencies: Easy Form Builder payments are powered by Stripe, which supports over 135 currencies, making it convenient for users worldwide to make online payments.

  • Recurring Payment Forms: Create payment forms for recurring payments with the ability to choose the payment interval such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The plugin also offers one-time payment forms for those who prefer a single payment option.

Advanced survey/poll forms of Easy Form Builder

  • 5 Points Scale : The 5-point scale is a popular method for creating survey forms and poll forms. With Easy Form Builder’s 5 Points Scale fields, you can easily create beautiful forms, collect responses, and analyze results.

  • Net Promoter Score : The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question is a powerful tool for creating effective survey forms and poll forms in Easy Form Builder. By simply adding this question to your survey form, you can create a beautiful form that collects responses and enables you to easily export and analyze the results

  • Get Export : Easy Form Builder’s panel allows you to effortlessly export collected responses from survey forms or poll forms.

  • Present Charts : With Easy Form Builder, you can easily present collected responses from survey or poll forms using pie charts for free

Advanced and Pro features of Easy Form Builder:

  • Build secure and integrated Stripe payment forms

  • Create customizable drag and drop file upload forms

  • Design multi-step forms with unlimited steps for better user experience

  • Export survey results to CSV format for easy analysis

  • Export form responses or messages to CSV format for data management

  • Easily create any kind of payment order or service form with customizable payment fields such as single-choice, selection choose

  • Create advanced forms with specialized fields including location picker (maps), Esign (e-signature), Yes/No question, Star rating, Switch button, and more

  • Customize the thank you page that users are redirected to after completing the form for better engagement and conversion rates.

  • Professional panel for managing user-filled forms and responses

Easily create multi-step forms with a unique Confirmation Code feature and notification emails, all with drag and drop form wizard of Easy Form Builder. This is the free version provides an intuitive interface and functionality to create professional forms in minutes. With the unique Confirmation Code feature, you can easily associate each submission with a specific request or user.Easy Form Builder is user-friendly WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of creating powerful forms. Whether you need a contact form, registration form,

For more information, check out our comprehensive documentation Click Here

Easy Form Builder provides mobile-friendly and responsive forms that are optimized for speed and SEO-friendly. With optimized front-end and back-end queries, Easy Form Builder is the ideal WordPress contact form plugin, providing an unparalleled user experience.

Create Surveys and Polls with Ease Using Easy Form Builder
With Easy Form Builder, you can easily create custom surveys and polls for free, and even export the results in a CSV file. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to design and customize surveys for any purpose, from market research to customer feedback. Start building better surveys today with Easy Form Builder.

Looking to create a professional-looking form without having to rely on technical expertise? Look no further than Easy Form Builder! Our plugin comes packed with all the fields and features you need to succeed, including star ratings, file uploads, multi-step contact forms, location pickers, e-signatures, and switch buttons. Plus, our no-code development platform means you can do it all without the help of technical experts

With Easy Form Builder’s drag-and-drop and multi-step contact form builder, creating custom forms is a breeze. You can quickly add and edit custom form fields to create a support form, contact form, or any other form you need. Our easy-to-use online form builder saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Create Custom Subscription(NewsLetter) Forms with Easy Form Builder
With Easy Form Builder, you can easily create custom subscription forms to add to your posts or pages for free. Our drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to create and edit fields, and you can export your list of subscriptions in a CSV file. Keep your audience engaged and informed with our simple yet powerful subscription forms.

Countries list field for FORM BUILDER
With Easy Form Builder’s “Countries List” field, you can add a customized list of countries to your forms. This feature allows you to create various types of forms, including contact us forms, support forms, and more, with a country selection option.

States / Provinces list field for FORM BUILDER
Easily customize your forms by adding States/Provinces list fields that match the language of your website (WordPress site). With Easy Form Builder, you can create a variety of forms – including contact us and support forms – with ease. Choose from a list of states or provinces or customize the list to suit your needs. Our state form fields are the perfect addition to any form-building project.

Confirmation Code for Easy Tracking
With Easy Form Builder’s confirmation code feature, you can easily track user responses and stay connected with your customers. This feature is especially useful for feedback forms and support forms. By adding a confirmation code field to your form, users can enter the code to quickly access their responses. Not only does this improve user experience, but it also helps you stay organized and on top of customer inquiries. Best of all, this feature is available for free with Easy Form Builder.

Email Notification Template
Easy Form Builder provides a default email template for form notifications, and administrators can create custom email templates to suit their needs. With this feature, you can ensure that your team receives the necessary information from your contact forms, subscription forms, and surveys, while also customizing the messaging to fit your brand.

Easily Localization
you can easily translate every single word, phrase, or message to your preferred language. This feature can help you create a better user experience for non-English speaking users, and increase the reach of your forms to a wider audience for free. You can access this feature in the Easy Form Builder panel by going to Settings > Localization.

Create Efficient Forms with Multiple Selection Dropdowns
Easy Form Builder’s WordPress plugin now features a multi-select dropdown field that allows users to select multiple options without the need for checkboxes. Customers can also search within the dropdown list, making form filling more efficient. And the best part? This feature is completely free to use.

Accept payment with Stripe
With Easy Form Builder, you can easily integrate Stripe payment processing into your forms. Simply Install the Stripe add-on and enter your public and secret keys and start building payment forms, order forms, and more. Accepting payments has never been easier!

Thank you page (Redirect page) for Better User Experience and Lead Conversion
Easy Form Builder’s redirect page feature allows you to customize the page that your users will see after submitting the form, improving user experience and increasing lead conversion rates. By redirecting them to a specific landing page or URL, you can provide more information or a special offer, leading to higher conversion rates. This feature of form builder is very easy to set up.

Notification link of filled form
The Easy Form Builder plugin lets you send a notification email to your inbox whenever a form is submitted, and includes a link to view the filled form or response on your website. This feature helps you communicate with users, collect new responses, and increase the dwell time of your page, which can improve your website’s search engine rankings. Best of all, it’s a free feature included with Easy Form Builder.

Smart dropdown country, state/province, and city in Easy Form Builder
By placing three consecutive dropdown options of country, state/province, and city without any fields in between, you can effortlessly create a smart selection using the Easy Form Builder. This eliminates the need for additional settings, allowing users to easily make intelligent choices in the form you’re creating.

Convenient Integration of Dropdown Lists for States/Provinces and Cities into WordPress Forms
You might want only the dropdown lists for states/provinces and cities in forms. In this case, simply place the state/province dropdown list and city dropdown list right after the country dropdown in your form. This enables you to select whether to display the list of states or provinces based on the selected country.

Notice: Avoid adding more than one form per page..

Report bugs and improve Easy Form Builder by create a ticket on GitHub or contact us on whitestudio.team

The country, state/province, and city information in the Easy Form Builder is sourced from cdn.jsdelivr.net. If there are any inaccuracies or mistakes in the city or country names, please report here on GitHub.

Easy Form Builder offers a variety of templates and examples to help you create customized forms for your website, whether it’s for contact, survey, payment, or private purposes. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows you to create forms in minutes and seamlessly embed them into any WordPress page or post. With no coding skills required, you can create professional-looking forms that meet your specific needs.


  • Form Builder
  • Create a form
  • Preview a form
  • Panel of Easy form builder
  • List of responses
  • Setting of Easy Form Builder
  • Present chart of poll
  • Form submitted and Confirmation Code (tracking pixels)
  • Create a contact-us form
  • Localization Easy form builder to your language
  • Email template Editor of Easy form builder
  • Order payment forms


Notice : If your template base on bootstrap then go to “Easy Form Builder” → “Settings” → checked “My template have used BootStrap framework” → Save

  1. Download Easy Form Builder
  2. Navigate to Dashboard → “Plugins” → “Add New” → “Upload Plugin” → select Easy Form Builder zip file then “Activate”.
  3. In the menu bar, navigate to “Easy Form Builder” → “Settings” → “Add Google recaptcha keys”
  4. For local testing environments, you may use the key and secret below. For online websites, click here to obtain the API keys for reCAPTCHA v2.

Development Google captcha Keys for LOCALHOST

Secret key: 6LeIxAcTAAAAAGG-vFI1TnRWxMZNFuojJ4WifJWe


6 Januari 2024
Hi - I've been using Formsaver for 2 years and it's really great. During the time of using the form builder, I always felt good because it is easy to work and create any form with the form builder and it is easy to work with it and without errors. I recommend that you use this form builder to create your own personal and even administrative and organizational forms, and I have searched a lot on the Internet and WordPress, but I have not seen any form builder that is as powerful and has many and practical features as this form builder. Use the non-free version and support the creators of this form builder and please use it to create any form like me. I have special thanks for these unique features in the form builder. Good luck
4 Januari 2024 1 reply
Very good plugin, it's just a shame that the only means of payment has to be the credit card, with the addition of entering the credit card number directly on their site. with other payment methods like Paypal, I would take several licenses but in the current state of payment methods, I would not put my credit card number. I invite you all to pay attention.After contacting the designer, he gave me a solution that suited me. Considering the professionalism, I give it 5 stars
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  • The link to documents in German and Arabic has been added to the Easy Form Builder.

  • Fixed issues


  • Fixed issues of performance conflicts with popular cache plugins.

  • Enhance the user interface for loading forms.

  • Fixed issues




  • Fixed issues with validation forms.

  • Fixed issues of performance conflicts with popular cache plugins.

  • Enhance the user interface for loading forms.


  • Improved Security of Easy Form Builder

  • Fixed issues


  • Fixed issues

  • Remove dependency on jQuery

  • Fixed File Uploads issues and improve security of file upload forms of Easy Form Builder


  • Resolved issues related to sending email notifications for forms.


  • Improved install addons of Easy Form Builder

  • Fixed issues


  • Resolved issues related to sending email notifications for forms.

  • Fixed issues


  • Added new features of SMS (Text message) notification for forms

  • Bootstrap Icons v1.11.2 added to Easy Form Builder

  • Added new features, including smart city dropdowns, to the Easy Form Builder.

  • Fixed UI bugs of State/Province Drop Down list in Easy Form Builder

  • “Removed size file limitations for file uploads in Easy Form Builder.

  • Resolved the issue of sanitizing links in responses submitted through forms in non-Latin languages

  • Optimized the loading speed of forms.

  • Resolved issues related to sending email notifications for forms.


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The Easy Form Builder plugin now includes a new email content selector feature, allowing admin to choose whether to send tracking codes or completed forms to the admin’s email.


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  • Resolved Google ReCaptcha loading issues in Easy Form Builder’s forms.


  • Fixed issues

  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder


  • Fixed issues


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  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder

  • Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder


  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder


  • email structer of easy form builder is improved

  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder


  • Resolved Google ReCaptcha loading issues in Easy Form Builder’s forms.


  • Improved Security of form builder of WordPress Plugin

  • Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder


  • Improved Security of form builder of WordPress Plugin


  • Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

  • Improved Security of form builder of WordPress Plugin


  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder

  • Remove dependency on jQuery


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  • Fixed issues

  • Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder


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* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

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* Added new feature image picker field to form builder

  • Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder

  • Added international telephone picker to admin WP form builder


  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder


  • Improved install addons of Easy Form Builder


  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder

  • Improved Security of form builder of WordPress Plugin

  • Fixed issues


  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder
  • Fixed issues
  • Added Jalali date Input for create Persian date form
  • Added Hijri date input for create Arabic or Islamic date form


  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder

* Improved UX of Easy Form Builder
* Improved UI of Easy Form Builder
* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder
* Added backward features for forms and Easy Form Builder Plugin.

* Fixed issues of loading time of Easy Form Builder

* Improved UX of Easy Form Builder
* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder

* Improved UX of Easy Form Builder

* Added features of notification link of filled form in emails
* Improve UX of Easy Form Builder
* Improve Mobile view of forms
* Added features of disabled labels of Fields
* Improve Slide Range UI of forms

* Improve UX of Easy Form Builder

* Fixed issues of UI Easy Form Builder



  • Security updated for form validation fill out
  • Security updated for uploading files of forms or responses
  • Improved UX of Easy Form Builder


  • Fixed issues of sending emails notification of submission forms


  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder
  • Fixed a bugs of offline forms addons

= 3.4.0=
* Download individual form responses on pdf file by Easy Form Builder
* Added Addons options like payment forms, and offline forms in Easy Form Builder
* Improved payment forms options in Easy Form Builder
* Localization payment forms for Persia gateway bank system in Easy Form Builder
* Improved security of forms of Easy Form Builder
* Improved security of file upload forms of Easy Form Builder


  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder
  • Fixed issues
  • Response forms upload file ability added



  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder
  • Fixed issues


  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder



  • email structer of easy form builder is improved


  • Change Email Template
  • Improve UX of Easy Form Builder


  • The wordPress form builder plugin is support SSL protocol for file upload form field


  • Improvements drag and drop form builder


  • Fixed issues


  • speed up loading forms


  • Improve UI


  • Improve UI


  • Fixed issues


  • Added new options to form builder: redirecet to thank you page or URL
  • login form
  • Change Email Template
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  • rename table names
  • Fixed issues about rtl language


  • Offline Forms
  • Improve UI


  • Improve UI
  • Change API service for countries list
  • Added recurring payments


  • Improve UI
  • Fix bug login form


  • Improve UI
  • Added custom Payment WP Forms with drag and drop Easy Form Builder plugin
  • Added Stripe Gateway for create custom Stripe payment forms on Easy Form Builder plugin
  • Added Payment Multi Choose field for build own custom payment forms with Easy Form Builder
  • Added Payment Single choose field for create a form payment on WP Easy Form Builder plugin
  • Added Payment Selection Choose field usable for build custom pay form in Easy form builder
  • Added Payment dropdown list field for create a checkout form payment on WP Easy Form Builder plugin
  • Added Link field on WordPress Easy Form builder
  • Added title field on Easy form builder
  • Easy Form Builder payment form supports these currencies:
    USD (United State dollar)
    AED (United Arab Emirates dirham, درهم إماراتي)
    AFN(Afghan afghani)
    ALL (Albania Lek)
    AMD (Armenian dram, Հայկական Դրամ)
    ANG (Netherlands Antillean guilder, Antilliaanse gulden)
    (Angolan kwanza)
    ARS(Argentine peso,Peso argentino)
    AUD (Australian dollar)
    AWG (Aruban florin, Arubaanse florin)
    AZN (Azerbaijani manat, Azərbaycan manatı)
    BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark, Конвертибилна марка)
    BBD (Barbadian dollar)
    BDT (Bangladeshi taka, টাকা)
    BGN (Bulgarian lev, Български лев)
    BIF (franc burundais)
    BMD (Bermudian dollar)
    BND (Brunei dollar, ringgit Brunei)
    (Bolivian boliviano, boliviano)
    BRL* (Brazilian real, Real brasileiro)
    BSD (Bahamian dollar)
    BWP (Botswana pula)
    BYN (Belarusian ruble, беларускі рубель)
    BZD (Belize dollar)
    CAD (Canadian dollar, dollar canadien)
    CDF (Congolese franc, franc congolais)
    CHF (Swiss franc)
    CLP* (Chilean peso, Peso chileno)
    CNY (Renminbi, 人民币)
    COP* (Colombian peso, peso colombiano)
    CRC* (Costa Rican colón, colón costarricense)
    CVE* (Cape Verdean escudo, escudo cabo-verdiano)
    CZK (Czech koruna, koruna česká)
    DJF* (Djiboutian franc, الفرنك الجيبوتي)
    DKK (Danish krone, dansk krone)
    DOP (Dominican peso, peso dominicano)
    DZD (Algerian dinar, دينار جزائري)
    EGP (Egyptian pound, جنيه مصرى)
    ETB (Ethiopian birr)
    EUR (Euro)
    FJD (Fijian dollar)
    FKP* (Falkland Islands pound)
    GBP (Pound sterling)
    GEL (Georgian lari, ქართული ლარი)
    GIP (Gibraltar pound)
    GMD (Gambian dalasi)
    GNF* (Guinean franc, franc guinéen)
    GTQ* (Guatemalan quetzal, quetzal guatemalteco)
    GYD (Guyanese dollar)
    HKD (Hong Kong dollar, 港元)
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    HRK (Croatian kuna, hrvatska kuna)
    HTG (Haitian gourde, gourde haïtienne)
    HUF (Hungarian forint, Magyar forint)
    IDR (Indonesian rupiah)
    ILS (Israeli new shekel, שקל חדש)
    INR (Indian rupee)
    ISK (Icelandic krona, króna)
    JMD (Jamaican dollar)
    JPY (Japanese yen, 日本円)
    KES (Kenyan shilling, Kenyan shilling)
    KGS (Kyrgyzstani som, Кыргыз сому)
    KHR (Cambodian riel, រៀលកម្ពុជា/រៀលខ្មែរ)
    KMF (Comorian franc)
    KRW (South Korean won, 대한민국 원)
    KYD (Cayman Islands dollar)
    KZT (Kazakhstani tenge, Қазақстан теңгесі)
    LAK (Lao kip,ເງີນກີບລາວ)
    LBP (Lebanese pound, Livre libanaise)
    LKR (Sri Lankan rupee, ශ්‍රී ලංකා රුපියල්)
    LRD (Liberian dollar)
    LSL (Lesotho loti)
    MAD (Moroccan dirham, ⴰⴷⵔⵀⵎ ⵏ ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ)
    MDL (Moldovan leu, leu moldovenesc)
    MGA (Malagasy ariary,ariary malgache)
    MKD (Macedonian denar,денар)
    MMK (Myanmar kyat)
    MNT (Mongolian tögrög, Монгол төгрөг)
    MOP (Macanese pataca)
    MRO (Mauritanian ouguiya, أوقية موريتانية)
    MUR (Mauritian rupee, Roupie mauricienne)
    MVR (Maldivian rufiyaa)
    MWK (Malawian kwacha)
    MXN (Mexican peso, Peso Mexicano)
    MYR (Malaysian ringgit, Ringgit Malaysia)
    MZN (Mozambican metical, Metical moçambicano)
    NAD (Namibian dollar)
    NGN (Nigerian naira)
    NIO (Nicaraguan córdoba, córdoba nicaragüense)
    NOK (Norwegian krone, norsk krone)
    NPR (Nepalese rupee, रुपैयाँ)
    NZD (New Zealand dollar)
    PAB (Panamanian balboa, Balboa panameño)
    PEN (Peruvian sol, sol peruano)
    PGK (Papua New Guinean kina)
    PHP (Philippine peso, Piso ng Pilipinas)
    PKR (Pakistani rupee)
    PLN (Polish złoty, Polski złoty)
    PYG (Paraguayan guaraní, Guaraní paraguayo)
    QAR (Qatari riyal, ريال قطري)
    RON (Romanian leu, Leu românesc)
    RSD (Serbian dinar, Cрпски динар)
    RUB (Russian ruble, Российский рубль)
    RWF (Rwandan franc, franc rwandais)
    SAR (Saudi riyalSaudi riyal, ريال سعودي)
    SBD (Solomon Islands dollar)
    SCR (Seychellois rupee, roupie seychelloise)
    SEK (Swedish krona, svensk krona )
    SGD (Singapore dollar, Dolar Singapura)
    SHP (Saint Helena pound)
    SLL (Sierra Leonean leone)
    SOS (Somali shilling, Shilin Soomaali)
    SRD (Surinamese, Surinamese )
    STD (São Tomé and Príncipe dobra, dobra são-tomense)
    SZL (Swazi lilangeni)
    THB (Thai baht, บาทไทย)
    TJS (Tajikistani somoni, Сомонӣ)
    TOP (Tonga Pa’anga)
    TRY (Turkish New Lira)
    TTD (Trinidad/Tobago Dollar)
    TWD (Taiwan Dollar)
    TZS (Tanzania Shilling)
    UAH (Ukraine Hryvnia)
    UGX (Uganda Shilling)
    UYU (Uruguay Peso)
    UZS (Uzbekistani soʻm, Oʻzbek soʻmi)
    VND (Vietnam Dong)
    VUV (Vanuatu Vatu)
    WST (Samoa Tala)
    XAF (CFA Franc BEAC)
    XCD (East Caribbean Dollar)
    XOF (CFA Franc BCEAO)
    XPF (CFP Franc)
    YER (Yemen Rial)
    ZAR (South Africa Rand)
    ZMW (Zambian kwacha)
    IRR (ریال ایران)


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