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Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels like WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, and more.
Display a chat button and communicate with your customers.

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  • Get WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and 20+ chat channels leads and calls
  • Chat with you via their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Slack, Telegram, TikTok, Line Messenger, and many other chat channels
  • Improve your customer support
  • Direct customers to your store’s location

💬 Connect with your website visitors on WhatsApp and 20+ chat channels

Chaty is designed to help you connect on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business with ease. Enter your WhatsApp number, and you’re all set. Use our advanced WhatsApp features like the WhatsApp popup that emulates a WhatsApp Chat window, WhatsApp Merge tags, WhatsApp agents, and many other features that’ll help you better communicate on WhatsApp.

📞 The ultimate click to chat and call now phone button

Are you looking for a chat button or a click to call button? Want to make it easier for potential customers to contact you via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or other chat icons?

Chaty is the perfect chat plugin for you! With Chaty you can display a call widget, Whatsapp button, email button, SMS button, TikTok, Google Maps button, Vkontakte button, Line.me messenger button, Viber button, and other chat widgets. Your visitors are already using these chat apps, and most of them prefer to contact you using these chat apps. By using Chaty, you give your website visitors the option to chat with you after they leave your website. Want to use our robust Pro version? Check out Chaty Pro Plans.

💪 What can you do with Chaty

  • Chaty VS live chat alternatives – give your visitors the option to use the chat channels they already use. When you use “regular” live chat alternatives, your visitors must stay on your website and wait for your response. When you let your visitors chat with you using chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc, you give them the freedom to chat with you wherever they go.
  • A direct click to chat method – show your visitors the chat channels you’re available on, and let them choose the chat app they prefer.
  • WhatsApp Business – chat with your visitors on WhatsApp Business.
  • Help your website visitors navigate to your physical address – you can use our Google Maps and Waze channels.
  • Click to call – show a phone call icon and let your visitors click to call you. If you want to show different local phone numbers based on the page’s URL, you can use the multi widget Pro feature.
  • Show different chat channels for different pages – show separate widgets for different products on your website, show different buttons based on URL for WPML or multi-language sites, display different channels for your landing pages, and more (Pro feature).
  • Available days and hours – show the widget only during your opening hours. You can also use it to show live chat options when you’re available, and other chat channels when you’re not (Pro feature).
  • Launch your favorite live chat app – you can use JavaScript as one of your chat channels to launch other live chat products like Tawk.to, Tidio, Chatra, Formilla, Zoho, Zendesk, LiveChat, Crisp, Intercom, JivoChat, Olark, and more.

👩‍💻 Still looking for a Live Chat plugin?

If you’re not looking for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other chat buttons, and instead prefer to use a live chat solution for your website, Chatway Live Chat is the perfect solution for you. Implementing Chatway, a WordPress live chat solution, enhances your website’s interactivity and customer engagement. Chatway facilitates real-time live chat communication, fostering instant support and resolving queries promptly. Chatway streamlines customer interactions, creating a seamless user experience that builds trust and loyalty.
Try Chatway Now 🔗

▶️ Chaty Live Demo

A live demo of the Chaty plugin is available at Premio’s demo site. Keep in mind, besides the chat buttons that appear on the demo site, you can use any other chat icons and also add your own custom chat buttons.
The agents feature for WhatsApp (it can be used for any other chat channel) is also available on this demo page.

👬Join the Premio community

Have any questions or feature suggestions? We’d love to hear from you. Join our Facebook group to share ideas and get updates about new features.

🚀 Choose from 25 different channels

WhatsApp chat and WhatsApp business
Facebook Messenger
Contact Us Form
TikTok (Tik Tok)
Launch a Poptin pop up
Phone (click to call)
Google Maps
Microsoft Teams
Link to an external channel/contact page (New feature: add custom chat buttons and link to any URL you desire)

🆓 What do you get in the Free plan?

  1. Show unlimited click to chat channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, phone click to call, SMS, and more.
  2. Select the location of the widget, bottom left/right.
  3. Add a custom call to action message beside your chat widget and set its display frequency.
  4. Set a display trigger – decide when the chat widget will appear. Show it after a few seconds, on page scroll, or use our exit intent trigger. The exit intent trigger will help you get your visitors’ attention when they plan to leave your website.
  5. Attention effects – choose from 8 stunning attention effects including bounce, waggle, sheen, spin, fade, shockwave, blink, and pulse. Capture the attention of your website visitors, and improve your conversion rate significantly.
  6. Pending messages icon – increase your chat button click rate by displaying the number of pending messages in your Chaty chat widget to let your visitors know that you’re waiting for them to contact you.
  7. Fully customize all chat icons including colors and text on hover and chat buttons opacity.
  8. New! WhatsApp chat pop up – show a WhatsApp chat pop up to your visitors so that they can start a WhatsApp conversation with you on your website (you can open the WhatsApp pop up by default, or open it when the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon). After they click on the send button, they’ll be redirected to WhatsApp to continue the conversation there (click here to see it in action)
  9. Contact Us Form – add a contact form as one of your Chaty channels. Your visitors will be able to fill out their details using the contact us form (click here to see it in action)
  10. New! TikTok button – add a TikTok button to your website and let your visitors engage with you on TikTok
  11. Show your chat buttons in vertical mode or horizontal mode.
  12. Change the size of the widget.
  13. Choose between 4 beautiful chat button designs.
  14. Show the widget on mobile & desktop or both.
  15. Select your default state – show all your chat channels in an “open-state”, or show the chat widget and let the visitors click or hover on it to open the chat widget up and see all your chat icons.
  16. Show different channels for mobile and desktop. E.g. On mobile, you can display a call now button, Viber button, and a Telegram button, and on desktop, you can display a WhatsApp button and a Facebook Messenger chat button.
  17. Change the chat icons’ order.
  18. New! 3 brand new buttons – Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and an option to add custom chat or social media buttons.
  19. Change the font of your chat widget.
  20. Decide if you want the custom chat button to open in a new tab or in the current tab.
  21. Launch the Chaty chat button using a JavaScript function launch_chaty(); – you can use it to open the chat button in any custom event.
  22. Make your custom channels act as existing chat channels. For example, you can create two WhatsApp buttons or two Facebook Messenger buttons.
  23. New! Slack chat button.
  24. New! We’ve added a third custom chat button, you can link to any page or fire a JavaScript code.
  25. Now it’s easier to enter your WhatsApp number. Select your country and add your local WhatsApp number, and avoid confusion.
  26. Select between the WhatsApp WAME (wa.me) link or WhatsApp desktop link in the WhatsApp settings.

= 🔥 …


  • All the popular click to chat channels included in the free plan. Add Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and many other channels
  • You can use the WhatsApp chat pop up
  • Add a contact us form to your Chaty widget
  • Chat with your visitors on their favorite chat channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Telegram, and more
  • You can also create a single channel widget for click to chat, call and more
  • Add agents to your chat widgets (for example 3 WhatsApp chat agents)
  • Chaty works great on mobile!
  • Add the Chaty chat view pop up and add custom merge tags to your pop up like URL, page title, and WooCommerce properties like product name and more
  • Create a WhatsApp chat pop up and customize it
  • Add chat agents for your chat channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more
  • Choose from a variety of click to chat channels
  • Configure your chat channels (e.g. add your WhatsApp number, Facebook Messenger URL, etc)
  • Customize your chat widget, add a custom call-to-action message to your widget and attention effect to increase your chat button CTR
  • Add targeting rules like page targeting, traffic source targeting, date scheduling, country targeting, exit intent and more


  1. Install and activate Chaty plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Choose at least one chat channel and click on the “SAVE CHANGES” button
  3. You’re good to go! The Chaty chat widget will now appear on your site


What’s included in the free plan?

You can add unlimited chat and social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (and 20+ other chat channels), display the widget on mobile and desktop, choose from 6 available colors (unlimited in the pro plan), position the widget on the left or right (custom positioning in the pro plan), custom call-to-action, page targeting (E.g., show the widget on product pages, etc), date & day and hours scheduling, traffic source targeting, country targeting, and more

Is there a time limit for the free plan?

No. You can use the free plan as long as you want.

Will Chaty work with any theme and page builder?

Yes! Chaty works great with all themes and page builders including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WPBakery, Beaver, SiteOrigin, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and more

Can I add a WhatsApp chat button using Chaty?

Yes! You can add a WhatsApp chat button to your website (also known as Whats App, Whatsap, Whatspp, and Watsapp by some users) and other chat channels like Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, SMS button, call button, and many other chat buttons.

Can I show a Click To Call button on my site?

Yes! Just choose the Phone icon and add your phone number.

Which buttons are available with the Chaty plugin?

WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, SMS, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Vkontakte, Phone (click to call), Telegram, Line, WeChat, Viber, Waze, Google maps, 2 Links to an external channel/contact page, Launch a Poptin popup

I don’t see the widget on my site, what should I do?

Please make sure you’ve chosen at least one channel and clicked on the “SAVE CHANGES” button.
Yes! Just choose the Phone icon and add your phone number.

Can I show a Click To Call button and sms button on my site?

Is there a live demo for Chaty

A live demo of the Chaty plugin is available at Premio’s demo site.
The agents feature for WhatsApp is available on this demo page. The agents feature can be used for any chat channel.

How do I activate my pro plan?

Just follow our pro installation guide.

How do I choose the communication channels I want to display on my site?

After you installed the plugin and activated it, go to the “Chat” tab on your WordPress admin panel, and click on the channels you want to add (E.g. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp). Then, fill out the information in the relevant fields.

Can I change the location and the color of the widget?

Yes! You can control the location and choose a color from your WordPress Chaty tab.

Does Chaty support RTL sites?

Yes, we fully support RTL sites including Arabic, Hebrew

Does Chaty work on mobile?

Yes! You can even decide what chat buttons will show up on each device (desktop/mobile)


22 Februari 2024
I use Chaty for my clients to give visitors easy access to WhatsApp. I had a small issue with the plugin. They fixed it completely for me. Thank you Premio team!
20 Februari 2024
A true free plugin that allows me to use basic features without restrictions. I was looking for WhatsApp and Messenger icons, and got them for free.
15 Februari 2024
great job, well done, it works juts fine!
1 Februari 2024
One of the best plugins in the category. It is really easy to use and works fine without any error.
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Accessibility improvements


Phone and SMS text channels international phone number fix


Updated the Twitter logo to X


Option to edit contact form labels
Merge tags and WooCommerce support for contact form email leads (Pro)
Pre-set messages for SMS text messages (Pro)
String translation improvements
WPML multiple domains support
WeChat bug fixed
RTL bug fixed
WP Rocket bug fixed
Optimize WhatsApp logo
ADA improvement
Google Analytics 4 mobile bug fixed
Contact form bug fixed


PHP 8.2 fix


Security fix


Phone call button bug fixed
Custom channel JavaScript flow fixed


Contact form bug


Security update


Bugs fixed


Font Awesome support for the chat icon (Pro feature)
Google reCAPTCHA integration with the contact form (Pro feature)
Added an accessible way to show Chaty just on the homepage (Pro feature)
Performance optimization
Google Pagespeed Insights Accessibility improvements
Improved chat buttons formatting options
Preview bug fixed
Added rel=”nofollow” tag to all the chat buttons
CC and BCC options when sending contact form leads (Pro feature)


WP Rocket compatibility fix


Flow changes


Added chat view to the Pro plan – The chat view feature provides a modern and engaging pop up design for users to connect with their website visitors
Added new page targeting options including WordPress posts, pages, categories, tags, and WooCommerce products or WooCommerce products on sale
Fixed RTL bugs in the Chaty UI


Add unlimited chat and social buttons


Minor enchantments


Chaty settings security enhancement


RTL menu fix


We’ve improved the design of Chaty – it’s more user-friendly. We’ve also added new chat channels including Discord and Microsoft Teams to the chat channel list. We’ve also added support for the HTML
tag in the call-to-action section. Also adding custom chat channels is easier than before.


Bugs fixed


WhatsApp mobile bug fixed


Minor bugs fixed


Improved compatibility with page builders, improved the chat widget creation flow, and fixed some bugs.
We’ve also added some cool pro features like chat agents (for example you can create 3 WhatsApp chat agents for support, marketing, and sales). We’ve also added support Font Awesome for the chat icons.


Minor UI bugs fixed


Added more security enhancements


Chaty settings security enhancement


Bugs fixed


Support route changed


Some editing bugs were fixed


File upload related bug fixed


Call-to-action arrow bug fixed


Preview bugs fixed


Added TikTok to the buttons list, added some slight improvements to the product flow, and fixed some bugs


Elementor and WooCommerce JavaSscript bug fixed


Added opacity options to the chat buttons, you can now decide whether you want to use the WhatsApp WAME link or WhatsApp desktop link in the WhatsApp settings, fixed an Oxygen editor bug and we’ve also fixed some other bugs


Dashboard, option to close Chaty using this JavaScript function close_chaty(), and some bugs were fixed


Better UI for the WhatsApp number input field, added Phone field to the contact us form, more attention effects, and bugs fixed


WhatsApp chat pop up mobile bug fixed


Emoji related bug fixed


WhatsApp chat pop up (you should definitely give it a try!), contact us form as a channel, and some bugs were fixed 🙂


Triggers and devices selection bug fixed for the mobile chat buttons


You can change the background color of the call-to-action message + bug fixes


WP 5.5


Pending messages icon for the chat widget, call-to-action frequency, Swift cache support, and some minor


Chat channels explanations


Unused files were removed


Slack is now available as a chat button, Super Cache plugin support was added, and some bugs were fixed


Custom link bug fixed


Credit removal


UI improvments


Chaty settings page improvements for small resolution screens


Chaty mobile editing is better than ever, you can now edit your Chaty settings on mobile with ease


Fixed the Sheen attention effect when you select just one channel like WhatsApp


PHP notice fixed


Show your chat buttons vertical mode or horizontal mode. Also, Make your custom channels act as an existing channel. For example, you can create two WhatsApp buttons or two Facebook Messenger buttons


Launch Chaty chat button using this JavaScript function whenever you want: launch_chaty();


Added an explanation for the phone based channels like WhatsApp, Viber, Phone, SMS text to make it clearer. When you click on enter while editing any of the chat channels, your settings will be saved.


Route fix


Infrastructure improvements


Added an option to change the Hide text


Email icon bug fixed


Viber mobile Android/iOS bug fixed


Preview call-to-action bug and Instagram button bug


Single chat button call-to-action bug


Fixed call to action bug


A huge release for Black Friday! We’ve added triggers (time-based, scroll-based, and exit intent), attention effects, open-widget state, click/hover launch options, widget size, 4 widget icons, and bug fixes.


Static path bug fixed


Call to action message minor bug fix


Choose the font for your chat widget’s call-to-action message and the icons’ tooltip. Also added Hummingbird cache support and a link to Chaty’s knowledge base


Chaty is now compatible with Google Lighthouse


Better support for cache plugins. It’s much easier to add the Facebook Messenger icon now. We’ve also added explanation for the line.me icon


Improved validation for click to call, WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS


Fixed Viber mobile issue


You can now add * numbers to the click to call channel. We’ve fixed a minor WhatsApp mobile issue and a custom link JavaScript issue


We’re now compatible with Autoptimize and LiteSpeed Cache, also fixed an Android mobile Facebook Messenger chat bug


Deactivation form fix for WordPress 5.2.X


Security Fixes and a WP fastest cache issue fix


WP Engine is fully supported now


WP Fastest Cache pro version bug fix


Fixed some rare bugs


  • Multi widgets + Reduced CSS conflicts


  • Added multi year plans


  • Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and second custom channel


  • WeChat clarification


  • Typo fix


  • Facebook Messenger will now open the Messenger app nativly, the SnapChat channel will direct to a native SnapChat page, and from now on the WhatsApp messenger is opened in a new tab


  • UI improvments and WhatsApp API change fix


  • Security update


  • We’re now fully compatible with WP-Rocket


  • Fixed sticky issues for android and SMS display bug


  • Fixed single channels settings bug, and also added compatibility for old JQuery versions


  • Fixed overlapping preview window and page targeting bug


  • Change channels order using drag and drop interface


  • Changed Skype functionality from call to chat


  • added an option to add phone numbers with asterisk, now Chaty won’t load FB SDK unless FB Messenger channel is chosen, fixed “‘” in CTA bug, fixed Viber bug (works great on desktop on mobile now)


  • Initial release.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes.


Many cool new features including: new widget icons (including custom widget), decide which channels will be displayed on mobile/desktop, and change widget size


  • Bug fixes