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Accept payments with Yoco

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized e-commerce business, the Yoco Payments for WooCommerce plugin is the perfect solution. We’ve designed our payment process to be both user-friendly and secure for both you and your customers.

Our pricing model is transparent and straightforward: we charge only per transaction, with no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and no plugin fees. Additionally, you’ll have access to real-time data and insights via your Yoco dashboard. This makes it super easy to manage a healthy cash flow.

Why use the Yoco Payments for WooCommerce plugin?

  • No hidden or monthly fees
  • Get paid the same day with Yoco Instant Payouts (if eligible)
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Supports 3D Secure
  • Your customers enjoy a seamless and safe payment experience
  • Refund orders directly from your WooCommerce dashboard

Transparent pricing

Only pay when you get paid!

  • Local Cards: 2.95% – 2.6% ex. VAT
  • International Cards: 3.5% – 3.05% ex. VAT
  • American Express: 3.5% – 3.05% ex. VAT
  • Instant EFT: 2% ex. VAT

For further pricing information, click here.

Quick installation and setup

Instructions video here

Step 1: Sign up with Yoco.

Step 2: Install Yoco for WooCommerce on your WordPress website.

Step 3: Activate Yoco on your WooCommerce WebShop.

Step 4: Do a test transaction to make sure you’re all set.

That’s it! You’re ready to accept payments.

For more details, please click here.

All your sales orders in one place

The transaction info is captured in the Orders menu, and you can view all payments in your WordPress admin dashboard to stay on top of everything.

In addition, you can see all your online and in-store payments in one place in your Yoco Business Portal. You also benefit from Yoco business tools, and access to working capital.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress version 5.0.0 to 6.4.2
  • WooCommerce version 4.0.0 to 8.4.0
  • PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater



17 Oktober 2023 1 reply
Had a problem when I ran the latest update. Turned out to be a server-side error and nothing at all to do with the plugin. Yoco support was absolutely outstanding, really efficient and most accommodating. Thank you!
25 Ogos 2023 2 replies
With the recent update 3.0.2 my Yoco Plugin which I've been using for months successfully on Wordpress just stopped working. After sending an email to Yoco (it took them hours to reply back) they suggested that I switch to a default theme, disable all plugins and basically set my website back to a fresh install of wordpress) All this after I clearly explained that I did not install new plugins - only after the Yoco update did problems arise. Always have two payment processors as Payfast is still holding up.
3 Jun 2023
I am extremely dissatisfied with my experience with YOCO. I have been waiting for a response from their team regarding a server issue that has been persisting for an unacceptable amount of time. It is clear that they are unable to get their servers functioning properly, and what's worse is their complete lack of communication. Throughout this entire ordeal, YOCO has failed to keep me updated on the status of the issue. As a customer, I expect transparency and timely communication, especially when there are significant problems affecting their services. Instead, their silence has left me feeling frustrated and uninformed. To make matters worse, I recommended YOCO to others based on my previous positive experiences, but now I feel like a fool for doing so. Their inability to address the server issue and their failure to keep customers informed has not only affected my own business operations but also damaged my credibility with others who relied on my recommendation. I understand that technical difficulties can arise, but it is the responsibility of a company like YOCO to handle them efficiently and communicate with their customers throughout the process. Unfortunately, YOCO has failed miserably in this regard. I cannot recommend YOCO to anyone at this point, given their poor customer service, lack of communication, and inability to resolve a server issue in a reasonable timeframe. It is evident that they prioritize their own convenience over the satisfaction and trust of their customers. If you are considering using YOCO for your business needs, I strongly advise against it. Look elsewhere for a company that values customer support and is committed to resolving issues in a timely and transparent manner. YOCO has proven to be unreliable and unprofessional, and I regret ever engaging with their services.
18 Mei 2022
Set up and ready to sell with WooCommerce and withdraw money in 1 hour 15 minutes, of which 30 minutes was me creating share certificates to send for verification. On the other hand, a competitor is still telling me my bank statements are not proof of address after 18 days and won't even allow me to sell yet, nevermind withdraw any funds from sales.
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  • Add WooCommerce Blocks Checkout compatibility.
  • Add notification and prevent loading Yoco Payment Gateway when WooCommerce is not active.
  • Bumped WP tested up to 6.4 and WC tested up to 8.4.


  • Add option to reveal API keys on settings page.
  • Add version to yoco logger file name.
  • Fix installation process when domain ends with /.
  • Fix migration process.


  • Fix installation spike when installation fail due to network issues.


  • Add update scripts.
  • Add admin notifications when Installation ID and Subscription secret are missing.
  • Fix “Plugin doesn’t have a valid header” error.


  • Add option to change gateway title and description
  • Set API secret keys fields to password type
  • Fix plugin self deactivation


  • Add High Performance Order Storage compatibility
  • Add debug logging
  • Fix saving settings issue
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates


  • Hotfix for merchant decimal settings causing amount issues
  • Hotfix for an issue with refunds


  • Hotfix for textdomain issue


  • Integrate with online checkout API
  • Integrate with installation API
  • Setup REST endpoints for webhooks


  • Added support for PHP version 8


  • Update EFT pricing


  • Security updates


  • Fix notice message


  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates


  • Fix updates to admin settings for firms with invalid keys


  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates


  • Updates to admin settings


  • Updates to admin settings


  • Differentiate card and EFT status


  • Added EFT as a payment option


  • Reverted to the previous name for the plugin’s main file. If you have already upgraded to v2.0.0, upgrading to v2.0.1 will mean you’ll need to manually activate the plugin again. We encourage you to do this, as any upgrade from v2.0.0 will need this.


  • Customer can save card for later use
  • Integration of Yoco’s new payment APIs


  • Added SVG checkout logo


  • Updated checkout logo
  • Improved error handling


  • Improved retries for slow network conditions
  • Updated branding


  • Support legacy PHP 7 versions


  • Better error recovery and retries
  • Fix for misleading SQL error in logs
  • Updated guidance and contact details


  • Update to meet WP.org compliance review


  • Handle transient connection errors with multiple retries
  • More reliable error logging and reporting
  • WordPress 5.6 test declaration


  • Add WooCommerce version check support to plugin header
  • Ensure order total is always consistent
  • Add filter wc_yoco_popup_configuration


  • Better error handling
  • More useful error messages displayed to merchant
  • Ensure Order status is updated correctly


  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed Virtual Product AutoComplete Bug


  • Auto Complete Virtual Orders Variations Bugfix


  • An improved payment experience that is simpler and quicker. This is the first of several improvements we will be releasing.
  • Clearer error responses to give merchants better insight into failed transactions
  • Automated order completion, on successful payment, for virtual or digital product orders


  • Improved client error logging and Yoco client diagnostics
  • Site in sub-folder fix


  • Improved client error logging and Yoco client diagnostics
  • Edge case rounding issue fix
  • WooCommerce Notice on plugin admin page if trying to activate and WooCommerce is not active/installed


  • Replaced Guzzle with WordPress native functions
  • Improved client error logging and Yoco client diagnostics
  • Updated Plugin Readme.md


  • Initial Release.