Wink Affiliate WordPress Plugin


Once you’ve created an account with Wink, you can install this WordPress plugin on your site. Once installed, the plugin will ask you for your clientId and secretKey to connect with your account on Wink.

Once you’ve entered your credentials, you can go to your Gutenberg editor and start embedding our web components into your site.

Supported page builders

Short codes

  • [winklookup]: Works with ranked content grid. Type in a place you want to visit and have inventory displayed.
  • [winksearch]: Simple button to open up itinerary form.
  • [winkaccount]Account: Button to let you authenticate. Once authenticated, it turns into a dropdown with account options.
  • [winkitinerary]Itinerary: Same as search button, only it contains itinerary information as button text.
  • [winkcontent]: Lets you embed the inventory you’ve selected on Wink directly into a page or post.

External Services

This plugin relies on a 3rd party service.

Name: Wink API
Description: This plugin requires that you have created an account with Wink. It uses the Wink API to retrieve travel inventory data from your Wink account. You can find more information about Wink at
How to create a Wink account:
Wink API endpoint:
Privacy policy:
Terms & Conditions:


There are multiple ways to use our components:

  1. By selecting our custom Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery or Avada blocks directly in the editor
  2. Using the shortcode that accompanies each web component


  • Support:


Is a Wink affiliate account required to use this plugin?

Yes. Learn more at

Is it compatible with PHP <8.0

If you notice any issues, please contact us.

Is it compatible with PHP >8.x

No. It is not yet compatible with PHP 8.x


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See in our public Github repo ([] for details