This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

URL Shortener


Notice: I’ve have since stopped development of this plugin as I feel that the state of URL Shortening services seems to have converged and there isn’t much more progress I have in the pipeline for this plugin.

URL Shortener allows you to generate shortlinks for post/pages using URL Shorteners (e.g., and many others), with a few additional features.

Please check your settings when upgrading to Version 4.0 from previous versions prior to it.

What’s New with 4.0

  • QR Code Support (using Google Chart API)
  • Additional Shorteners (,, yourls)
  • Nice ID links with QR Code (i.e. http://your_site/123.qr)
  • Version 4.0 features completely refactored code once again. Now includes classes which allows developers to easily extend the plugin.


  • Automatic generation of a Short URL/Shortlinks
  • Cached Shortlink – thus generated only once.
  • Choose to generate shortlinks using permalinks or the posts ID (e.g. http://your_site/index.php?p=123).
  • Relatively extensive shortlink support
  • Action Hooks available for other plugins to utilize generated shortlinks (From Ver 3.0 Onwards)
  • Nice ID links – http://your_site/123 instead of http://your_site/index.php?p=123
  • Shortcode support (Ver 3.1): Place [shortlink] in your article where you want to display the shortened url.
  • Append a link to short URL below your post content (Ver 3.1.1)

Refer to the documentation/wiki page at for more information (eg. installation guide and known issues etc).

Services currently supported are:

  • (beta)
  • tinyurl
  • snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / /
  • smsh (aka sm00sh)
  • Voizle
  • Interdose API


  • (Will be suspended until they reopen their API)

Available Template Tags

On-demand shortening function:

<?php fts_shorturl('', 'bitly'); ?>

To show the generated links::

<?php fts_show_shorturl($post); ?>

Or if WordPress 3.0:

<?php the_shortlink(); ?>

Available hooks and filters

  • fts_use_shortlink (Action Hook)
  • fts_filter_shortlink (Filter)

Future Versions and on:

  • More services/features can be added upon request (
  • Do note that due to my increasing need to concentrate on my studies, and a lack of financial contribution from such plugin development, I cannot possibly accede to all requests.

Support via:

  • Contact me via my website ( )
  • Please check the FAQ


  1. Upload files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (preserve sub-directory structure if applicable)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Within your WordPress admin, go to plugins > add new
  2. Search for “URL Shortener”.
  3. Click Install Now for the plugin named “URL Shortener”


For the most updated list, please check:

Service Support Levels
  • As I am increasingly busy with college work, I’ve classified services into Tiers…
  • Problems with Tier 1 services will be dealt with faster than group 2 and so on)
  • Do note that the providers for beta services may change their API anytime… Do report if there are any issues.
Tier 1
  • (beta)
  • tinyurl
  • snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / /
Tier 2
Tier 3
  • smsh (aka sm00sh)
  • Voizle
  • Interdose API
  • Digg (They have stopped the service)
  • (Service no longer available)
  • Cuthut (Service no longer available)
  • (Service not available)
Will deprciated services come back?

Normally it’s only depreciated when the shortening service is down for a prolong period of time. However, if there is a request, I will definitely consider it.

Known Issues


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Expanded list can be found at:


  • BUGFIX Temp remove of jzsc interface


  • BUGFIX missed out colon in parent declaration in component files


  • Code refactoring (Shortening portion completely rewritten)
  • ADDED QR Code output
  • COMPABILITY Check with WordPress 3.1 series
  • Bugfix / Feature Request for several issues from the forums / bugtracker
  • FOR DEVELOPERS Includes a option wrapper class
  • FOR DEVELOPERS Includes refactored shortening class
  • FOR DEVELOPERS Includes a shortening PHP Interface definition for plugging in new services


  • BUGFIX Bug in the On-Demand Shortening function preventing key/user retrieval (


  • Minor tweak to Admin Interface / categorization of options
  • Minor tweak to generation of Short URL when scheduled posts are published.
  • Ability to append a link to short URL to bottom of post/page content.


  • BUGFIX Compatibility with Plugins using Services_JSON (
  • UPDATED class.FTShorten to version 2.3 (Support for interdose API –
  • REMOVED service has been discountinued. Service thus removed.
  • ADDED Shortcode [shortlink] support


  • Plugin completely rewritten from gound up.
  • UPDATED to use WordPress 3.0 Hooks
  • UPDATED class.FTShorten to version 2.2 (with support for new services)
  • ADDED support for Digg Short URLs
  • ADDED Action hooks to easily add code to utilize shortlink after generation
  • ADDED option to use permalinks or Post/Page ID to generate shortlinks
  • REMOVED services that no longer available.
  • REMOVED wp_rewrite redirect
  • Addon module support halted temporarily
  • Admin Interface redesigned.


  • Bugfix: Twitter User/Pass handling
  • Bugfix: non-authenticated processing


  • AJAX-ed entire Bulk Short URL code.
  • Improved Security of Bulk Short URL Request.
  • Included updated class.FTShorten (v2.0)
  • Added support for auto-updating twitter (post name / url)


  • Bugfix: Minor error posting to


  • Short URLs now generated using Post/Page IDs instead of Permalinks ensuring correct redirection even if post title/permalink changes.
  • Bugfix: Blank screen when Shorten2Ping plugin is also activated. If Shorten2Ping is activated, URL Shortener will now detect and use the URL generated by Shorten2Ping. (
  • Added support (via Addon Module) for Digg
  • Added support request (via Addon Module) for Voizle (
  • Added ability to generate and delete Short URL in bulk.
  • Ported the URL Generation functions into a class, allowing re-use in other plugins.
  • service is found to be down and marked to be removed in the next version of this plugin.


  • Included an Addon module option
  • Addon functions for additional service display
  • Added support (via Addon Module) for
  • Directory structure cleanup


  • WordPress 2.9 Compatibility check.
  • If stats plugin enabled, “Show Short URL” button in edit page beside “view” is removed.


  • Added prefix choosing support for / Snipr / Snipurl / Snurl


  • Bugfix: future/scheduled posts not generating Short URL.


  • Added support for (user request)
  • Changed URL Generation method hook for future/scheduled posts


  • Bugfix: Pingfm key not saving.


  • Bugfix: Short URL generated was the same as post URL


  • Added on-demand shortening function: fts_shorturl()
  • Added supported for,,, sm00sh,,
  • Added personal shortening service using post id (http://yoursite/POST-ID)
  • Added Prefix option for personal shortening service (http://yoursite/prefix/POST-ID)
  • Added template redirection and WP_Rewrite redirection methods
  • Updated administration options page


  • First Public Release
  • Added simple validation to options page


  • Added support for snipurl,,


  • Added support for


  • Added support for,
  • Added “Remove buttons” in post/page edit.
  • Added option for automatic shorturl generation.
  • Changed Custom Field name from fts_shorturl to shorturl


  • Initial Private release.
  • supports TinyURL,