Iced Visualization Charts

Allows you to insert a Google Visualisation chart by clicking button in TinyMCE and entering…

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google geographic charts and maps

google geocharts, google maps, map, graphing, visualisation, visualise data, visualization, visualize data, HTML5, plugin, widget,…

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Embeds GNUPlot charts inside your Wordpress posts, without the need for GNUPlot on your webhost.

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Does little else but load the core Open Flash Chart PHP library for any Plugin…

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Easy Chart Categories

This is a WordPress plugin that provides a WordPress shortcode that will display your categories…

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Easy Graphs

This plugin allows for simple data visualization in post content. It is Multisite compatible and…

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Thematic Maps

Displays a thematic map of the United States of America showing each state shaded in…

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The Connectome

The Connectome shows all of your users, posts, custom posts and taxonomy terms in a…

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Writing Project Tracker

Allows writers to track their writing progress with daily word count logs, time logs, and…

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COVID-19 Toscana

Plug-in per la visualizzazione dei dati COVID-19 della regione Toscana.

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