WP TradingView

The WP TradingView plugin allows to add widgets and publishing tools from www.tradingview.com, directly within…

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FX Live Prices

FX Live Prices WordPress Plugin provides live forex rates and indicators and cross-exchange rates. Prices…

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Forex Table Google Based (Live)

Live Forex Table plugin displays unlimited foreign exchange rate in tabular format based on Google…

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NP Forex Commodity Widget

Adds commodity prices, exchange rates and fuel rates widget.

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Trading Signals Widget

The Trading Signals Widget adds a sidebar gauge with the score of our proprietary risk…

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Provide Forex Signals

This plugin can be used to provide signals manually to your clients

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Risk Warning Bar

Since 2018, CFD brokers are required to update their risk warning percentage every quarter, resulting…

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Myanmar Currency Exchange Rates

Myanmar daily foreign exchange (forex) rates WordPress plugin. This plugin gets daily currency exchange rates…

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