Instant Comment Validation

Add a instant validator for WordPress comment form, instead of sending users to default error…

Mrinal Kanti Roy 1,000+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 4.4.30 Updated 8 tahun ago

Post Comment Validation

Post Comment Validation plugin helps you to set validation in default wordpress comment box amd…

Hardik Kalathiya 100+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 5.4.13 Updated 3 tahun ago

Comment Validation Reloaded

Avoid those pesky blank page with an error message like "please fill out required fields"…

Austin Passy 100+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 4.2.35 Updated 9 tahun ago

Enhanced Comment Validation

Enhanced Comment Validation plugin is an effective security solution that protects your WordPress comment form.

Mukesh Panchal 80+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 5.9.7 Updated 2 tahun ago


Add extra features to your wordpress comments like ajax posting, email notification on reply and…

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