Update Control

This adds some options to your Settings > General page that let you tweak auto-updates.

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WP Auto Updater

This WordPress plugin enables automatic updates of WordPress Core, Themes, Plugins and Translations. Version control…

thingsym 6,000+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 6.0.0 Updated 4 minggu ago

WP Disable Automatic Updates

This plugin allows you to disable all types of automatic Wordpress Updates very simply with…

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Background Update Tester

Most sites are able to apply updates in the background. Background Update Tester checks your…

the WordPress team 2,000+ pemasangan aktif Diuji dengan 4.1.35 Updated 8 tahun ago

WP Automatic Updates

Configure WordPress automatic updates settings through backend options. Just install, setup and forget.

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Auto Update

This plugin enable Auto Update for WordPress core, Themes and Plugins.

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Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates allows admin to manage the automatic updates of the core wordpress and the…

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Precise Plugin Updater

This automatic plugin updater gives you fine grained control. You may choose to allow any…

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Automatic Updates Enabled

Enables WordPress automatic updates by default for newly installed and activated plugins

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