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Powering more than 20,000 global sites, Pushnami is the #1 push platform for marketers. With Pushnami’s browser-based push notifications, you can deliver your message through desktop and mobile browsers with ease. Users opt-in with a single click, no email address required.

Once installed on your WordPress site, your visitors opt-in to receive notifications with one easy step. Once subscribed, you have the ability to send them content or updates to their device at any time, regardless of if they’re on your website or not.

Pushnomics, what we call our machine learning technology, enables you to automate your send strategy by optimizing which messages and offers should be sent to each individual subscriber. When you attempt to manually optimize your campaigns with other providers you’re typically able to make small improvements, but with Pushnomics on your side, you can automate your workflows to ensure that you’re not leaving potential dollars on the table.

Pushnami can help your organization push content including (but not limited to):

  • Abandoned cart/abandoned form reminders
  • Promotions (discounts, exclusive offers, free trials, etc.)
  • New product or blog post announcements
  • Event and webinar registration sign-ups


Pushnami was founded in Austin, TX in 2017 to help solve a common issue many marketers were facing: traditional channels were drying up and brands needed new ways to message and monetize their online audience. We are now the 2nd largest push notification platform in the world, and we deliver over 10 billion notifications per month on behalf of our clients located in over 60 countries.


  • Supports all major web browsers including HTTP and HTTPS sites
  • Unlimited domains & subscribers – unlike other push platforms, Pushnami has no maximum subscriber or domain cap.
  • Pushnomics machine learning – enables automated workflows to help you get the maximum value out of your push strategy.
  • Smart Subscribe – Completely customizable opt-in prompts that allow you to control how your visitors are asked to subscribe to your notifications. These two-step opt-ins also help prevent browser penalties like Chrome’s QuietUI.
  • Advanced Segmentation – Segmentation rules can be created based on things like device type, browser version, geolocation, page visits, and more.
  • A/BTesting – Test different messages, creatives, and send times to see which combinations work best for your audience.
  • RSS & Scrape Feed Integrations – Leverage your RSS feed to automatically send drip or waterfall campaigns with your latest content.
  • Export Subscribers – With Pushnami you own your subscribers, and you can export them at any time. Other push providers own your subscribers
  • Managed Plans – Want a hands-off solution where you get the results without doing the heavy lifting? We offer managed plans where our team of internal experts perform all the hands-on work for you. Please contact us to learn more about these options.

External Services

The Plugin connects to Pushnami.com’s external apis to provide opt-in scripts for your site
Pushnami’s privacy policy: https://pushnami.com/privacy-policy/


  • An example of a web push notification on Windows 10, with a large image and customizable buttons.
  • An abandoned cart retargeting example push on Windows 10.
  • The main dashboard view, which provides an overview of your performance and key stats.
  • Omnichannel notification creation allows you to create your notifications in the easiest, most efficient way possible.
  • View all your campaign and subscriber stats within one page, easily filtered and exported for internal reporting purposes.
  • “God’s Eye” reporting view allows you to see a snapshot of your performance, including your creatives, key stats, and more.
  • Smart Subscribe custom two-step opt-in prompts allow you to control how your visitors are asked to subscribe to your notifications.



  • Account with Pushnami.com


16 Julai 2020
I’ve been looking at a few push providers since COVID began earlier this year, and Pushnami is by far the best option out there. The ability to segment our new subscriber list by interest and time zone has helped inform our content strategy and we’ve gotten great feedback from our viewers so far. Pushnami creates options that any marketer would appreciate, and I’d recommend them to anybody looking for a new push platform.
16 Julai 2020
There are a lot of push notification plugins. I tested a few and Pushnami is the best. I am able to capture subscribers, either through a one-step or two-step opt-in, and every time I publish a new post, it gets sent automatically to my subscribers. Their support team helped me set up something custom and no other push provider could really do what I wanted to do, but they could. Love that it’s free to get started with too.
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