Property Drive


Property Drive can add properties to virtually any WordPress website in just a few clicks. Built with theme compatibility in mind from the start, Property Drive gives you the freedom to use your favourite theme and control the styling of your property pages from within the plugin. An advanced and easy to use options area provides you with an intuitive & modern user experience unchallenged by any other property or real estate plugin out there.

Property Drive uses custom embedded icons with no external dependencies, Google Maps (API key required), Google Street View, OpenStreetMap, multiselect filters, a full page Map Navigator and more.

If you have a Property Drive account, you can hook up to the API and synchronize your existing properties.
Find out more here.



  • Upload the file through the WordPress Plugin screen and install
  • Otherwise please upload the uncompressed property-drive folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugins page within WordPress
  • Fill out your agency details on the plugin options page


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