Product Sales Report for WooCommerce


Setup a custom sales report for the products in your WooCommerce store with toggle sorting options. Including or excluding items based on date range, sale status, product category and id, define display order, choose what fields to include, and generate your report with a click.

Quickly create sale reports for smart decision making, monitoring sales, setting sales strategies, forecasting, inventory management, and accounting.

Reporting Features & Benefits

  • One-click generate and share – view or download your reports with a click
  • Sort by date range – built-in presets or custom start and end dates
  • Order status sorting – include or exclude based transaction status
  • Product-specific reporting – store-wide reports, by product, or a group of products
  • Group variations – show all variations for a product as a single line item
  • Set display order – based on product id, quantity of sales, or gross sales
  • Reporting fields – choose what fields to include in your report
  • Exclude free products – leave free products out of your report
  • Limit included products – set report to only include a set number of products
  • CSV exporter – export in versatile CSV format for universal spreadsheet compatibility

Get Pro Features

If you are a power user needing advanced options for fine-tuning, styling, and sharing reports, upgrade to pro:

  • Create report presets – save custom report settings, regenerate reports, and move preset to other sites
  • Email reports – send reports to any email address with a click
  • More formats – Save reports in XLSX, XLS, HTML, or Enhanced HTML
  • Sort by field – use conditional range selectors to include/exclude products with specific fields
  • User role sorting – generate reports by user roles (default and custom roles).
  • Expanded product sorting – adds tag, field, and product variation sorting
  • Group products – additional layer clustering products
  • Field ordering – add, remove, and drag and drop ordering
  • Advanced styling – dynamic titles, include a header row, and style with custom CSS
  • Want more? – check out our add-ons for expansion plugins

View, Download, and Share

Use the report builder to quickly create a custom report, view in your dashboard, or click “Download Report” and your custom report will be generated and downloaded as a CSV. Import to your favorite spreadsheet software or share it with members of your team.


“I needed reports to help make informed decisions for ordering new stock from suppliers and the Product Sales Report for WooCommerce was perfect. It can create very granular reports for specific product categories or one grand report for all our products. Well done!” - @krooisant


“I was looking for good frontend reports for my marketplace and I came across the winning trio, Products Sales Report Pro, Export Items Pro in combination with Frontend Reports. This trio was the best for the job.” - Yinon Tubi

Simple Sorting

Product Sales Reports gives you a ton of control for zeroing in on what’s important. See what products are performing best based on quantity or gross sales so you can refine your online sales strategy. Sort by date range, order status, item, category, and field.

Reporting Fields Include:

  • Product ID
  • Product SKU
  • Product Name
  • Quantity Sold
  • Gross Sales
  • Variation ID
  • Product Categories
  • Variation Attributes
  • Gross Sales (After Discounts)

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Work Faster With Presets (Pro)

Set up your reports and save them as templates you can use again and again. Product Sales Report Pro lets you store an unlimited number of presets that can be used for comparative growth analysis. Or export your presets and use them across all the WooCommerce stores you manage.

Addons & Integrations

Looking to automate your reports, share them on the frontend of your site, or export details about an individual sale for order fulfillment? Upgrade or become a member for access to these add-ons:

Scheduled Email Reports – email your reports as an attachment on a recurring schedule
Frontend Reports – embed a report or a download link in a post or a page
Export Order Items Pro – export order details for use in order fulfillment and data analysis

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  • Report options
  • Sample output (simulated)


  1. Click “Plugins” > “Add New” in the WordPress admin menu.
  2. Search for “Product Sales Report”.
  3. Click “Install Now”.
  4. Click “Activate Plugin”.

Alternatively, you can manually upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.


Why I see additional decimal places in some fields?

In some cases output may be affected by the limited precision of PHP’s floating point numbers (see the warning in the PHP manual: This may occur retrieving values from the database, when the plugin does calculations after retrieving values from the database, such as when a report field consists of two database fields added together, or when calculating the totals row. When this occurs, a tiny fractional error may be introduced each time a calculation is performed, typically less than 0.000000000000001 per calculation or retrieval. This is not likely to affect the accuracy of the output in normal usage where only a few decimal places are used, even if a value has been derived from many calculations such as the totals row in a very long report. However, if output rounding is not in effect, you may see unexpected additional decimal places in some fields in your output. In this case we recommend rounding the output values as needed.

What’s the difference between Product Sales Report and Export Order Items?

Product Sales Report is for creating a report about all your products or a group of products for comparison and sales performance. Export Order Items generates a report with the items from an individual order, specific purchase, or specific customer for order fulfillment or accounting.

What’s the difference between the free and pro version?

The free version is powerful and works well for 90% of store owners. If you need additional control the pro version includes the ability to report on product variations individually, report on products with no sales, report on shipping methods used, export in Excel formats, send the report as an attachment, save an unlimited number of presets, change the names of fields in the report, change the order of the fields/columns, limit the report to orders with a matching custom meta field (e.g. delivery date), and include any custom field defined by WooCommerce or another plugin and associated with a product (note: custom fields associated with individual product variations are not supported at this time).
Or, you can upgrade to a membership to access all of our premium plugins and add-ons including Scheduled Email Reports for automating report generation.

Can I schedule my reports to send automatically?

We built Scheduled Email Reports for WooCommerce as a premium add-on that can be used to schedule reports from both Product Sales Report to and Export Order Items.

Where can I get your other add-ons for WooCommerce?

After you install and activate the Product Sales Report for WooCommerce, from the Product Sales Report tab located in the WooCommerce menu, select add-ons to install free and premium feature upgrades for your ecommerce store.


28 Disember 2023 1 reply
It seems to treat all currencies the same. So it does not convert them all into the same currency, so the numbers are rubbish. Sell a $100 item for 14,000 japanese yen, and it will report sales of $14,000!
16 November 2020
Very light and useful. A graphic interface could be better but it works what it’s made for. Kudos.
13 Ogos 2020
Easy to use and saves time. The big orange banner of “Potent Plugins” displayed under the report is annoying 😉 Other than this, all good. :thumbs_up:
16 Julai 2020 1 reply
Good day. I recommend this plugin to all of those who are looking to generate each product sales on a single click. from the morning I was doing collection manually. later I came across this plugin. In short, I love it.. Thanks a lot to all developers of this plugin. Good DAY. God Bless you all.
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  • Revert: “Limit Gross Sales and Gross Sales (After Discounts) fields to 10 decimal places (amounts are rounded if more than 10 decimal places)”


April 26, 2023
* Add High Performance Order Tables support (beta)


April 17, 2023
* Security update
* Limit Gross Sales and Gross Sales (After Discounts) fields to 10 decimal places (amounts are rounded if more than 10 decimal places)


March 12, 2023
* Fix: The option to use the report preset’s date range settings wasn’t working in Scheduled Email Reports


September 23, 2022
* Display reporting presets list in alphabetical order


  • Fix: Removed incorrect/outdated note regarding line item refund creation when the order status is changed to Refunded (WooCommerce 2.4+ should automatically create line-item refunds when the status of an order is set to Refunded)
  • Feature: Added intermediate rounding option
  • Feature: Added debug mode option


  • Security fix: Improve browser caching disabling headers
  • Load styles and js only on the plugin admin page
  • Updated WP and WooCommerce tested up to
  • Rebranded admin page
  • Added a link to plugin settings page
  • Updated links
  • Added addons tab
  • Updated readme and assets


  • Added messaging on admin page about line item refunds


  • Updated license (GPLv3+)
  • Removed social media embeds from admin page


  • Fixed review/donate notification not being hidden


  • Fixed incorrect date ranges when using the “Last 7 days”, “Last 30 days”, “Next 7 days”, or “Next 30 days” options
  • Added calendar month date range options
  • Fixed conflict with Product Sales Report Pro


  • Fixed potential incompatibility with order status plugin(s)


  • Fixed potential incompatibility with custom order statuses


  • Added the ability to select multiple product categories
  • Added an option to limit the report to specified product IDs
  • Added an option to limit the report to orders with specified statuses


  • Added an option to exclude free products


  • Added a View Report option


  • Added a date picker for browsers without support for the HTML5 date input


  • Removed anonymous function to improve compatibility with old versions of PHP


  • Fixed bug affecting products with no categories


  • Added Product Categories field


  • Added Variation SKU field


  • Added Gross Sales (After Discounts) as sort field


  • Added field for gross sales after discounts


  • Added Pro version info


  • Made report settings persistent (options are saved when a report is generated)


  • Fixed timezone issue affecting the report period


  • Added checkboxes to select which fields to include in the report
  • Added the Product SKU field


  • Initial release