Product Export for Woocommerce to CSV, Excel, XML, and the Google Merchant Center


Export products to CSV, Excel, or XML files with the WooCommerce Product Export Add-On for WP All Export.

Select your product export columns, then rearrange, combine, or rename them as needed. Add any columns, including those created by 3rd-party plugins or add-ons. You can even create custom columns by using our embedded functions.

Apply flexible filters to limit your export to the exact products that you want.

Bulk edit your products or migrate them from one site to another with just a few clicks using a combination of WP All Export and WP All Import.

Schedule your product export to run automatically, then use Zapier to integrate your export file with any of 1000s of external applications.

Need to upload your product data to the Google Merchant Center? No problem. We’ve created a special template that will help you generate a Google Shopping feed in a fraction of the time it would take to do it on your own.

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Select Your WooCommerce Product Export Columns

As the video demonstrates, you can use our Drag & Drop tool to quickly select your product export columns. You can rearrange these columns, rename them, and even combine them. If you need an entirely custom product field, you can build it using our embedded PHP functions.

In other words, you can build a product export that meets your exact layout requirements, whatever they may be.

Create Flexible Product Export Filters

Sometimes, you need to export only a subset of your products. For example, you may want to export only active products.

You can do this easily with WP All Export. You can build filters using any combination of product fields, including those created by 3rd-party plugins or add-ons.

You can build simple filters, combination filters, or nest your filter conditions (equivalent to using parentheses).

If filtering against date fields, you can even use relative date filter conditions like “last week” or “last month”.

There is no need to compromise here. You can filter your product export in whatever way you want.

Export Products to CSV, Excel, and XML

By default, our plugin exports products to a CSV file format.

But you can just as easily export products to Excel using either the .xls or .xlsx formats.

If you prefer XML, you can build everything from the simplest to the most complex XML feed imaginable.

Export Products to the Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center (GMC) is a platform that lets you share your product information across Google, which makes it easier for customers to find your products and your store.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that GMC has extensive data requirements that can take many hours to satisfy.

To address this, we’ve built a product export template that helps you comply with Google’s requirements. Just choose the Google Merchant Center Product Feed as your export type, fill out the onscreen forms, and you’ll be able to upload your products in a matter of minutes.

Even better, if Google modifies its requirements in any way, we immediately update our plugin to match, meaning you can just re-run your product export to fulfill the new requirements.

Bulk Edit Your WooCommerce Product Data

Bulk editing WooCommerce products is a common task. Sometimes, you need to alter many product prices or modify product descriptions as part of a sales promotion.

Whatever your reason, we make bulk editing products painless. Just export your products, edit them in a spreadsheet using features like search-and-replace, copy-and-paste, etc., then import everything back into WooCommerce using WP All Import.

What makes this so painless is that WP All Import is aware of the export settings, which allows it to automatically configure the import process. No muss, no fuss, just a quick, highly efficient editing process.

Migrate Your WooCommerce Products From One Store to Another

Need to copy your WooCommerce products from one store to another?

No problem. When you export products from the source site, just download our special bundle file. This file contains import instructions in addition to your product export data.

Import this bundle file on your destination site, and WP All Import will automatically configure itself. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Run Your Product Export on a Schedule

A product export can play a vital role in synchronizing data with other stores or marketing platforms. These updates generally occur on a regular basis.

To support this, we allow you to schedule your product export. You can do this using cron jobs on your server, or, if you sign up for our automatic scheduling service, you can do it directly through our plugin’s interface.

Either way, you can set up your product export just once and then forget about it.

Integrate Your Product Export with External Applications

Zapier is a leading integration platform. It allows you to connect triggers, such as the completion of a product export, to actions. These actions can include uploading an export file to one of many file host platforms, generating an email with the export file as an attachment, etc.

Our plugin is designed to work with Zapier, meaning that you can connect your product export to any of 1000s of external applications. Talk about extensibility!

WooCommerce Product Export Free Version

With the free version of WooCommerce Product Export, you can:

  • Export products to CSV or to a simple XML feed

  • Select, rearrange, and modify basic product export fields, including fields added by 3rd-party plugins or add-ons

  • Export product data, bulk edit it in a spreadsheet, and then use WP All Import to import those changes back into WooCommerce

  • Migrate product data from one WooCommerce store to another

WooCommerce Product Export Premium Version

With the premium version of WooCommerce Product Export, you get all the free features plus:

  • Export product data directly to Excel (.xls and .xlsx)

  • Build custom XML feeds for your product exports, no matter how complex

  • Export product data to the Google Merchant Center

  • Export all WooCommerce product fields, including attributes and product variations, along with options to export only parent products, only variations, or both

  • Filter your product export

  • Schedule your product export

  • Integrate your product export with external applications via Zapier

  • Modify your product export data using custom PHP functions

  • Get guaranteed technical support via email (see below)

Premium Support

Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Export for premium support.

Our team of support specialists has answered many thousands of support requests over more than a dozen years. Whatever your product export goals, we’ll help you achieve them.


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  • New WooCommerce Product Export
  • Customize WooCommerce Product Export Columns
  • WooCommerce Product Export Standard Section
  • WooCommerce Product Export Product Section
  • WooCommerce Export Products Media Section
  • WooCommerce Product Export Taxonomies Section
  • WooCommerce Product Export Custom Fields Section
  • WooCommerce Export Products Other Section
  • WooCommerce Product Export Single Filter
  • WooCommerce Product Export Multiple Filters
  • WooCommerce Product Export Advanced Options
  • WooCommerce Export Products to Excel
  • WooCommerce Export Products to XML
  • WooCommerce Export Products Confirm and Run


Either: –

  • Upload the plugin from the Plugins page in WordPress
  • Unzip and upload the contents to /wp-content/plugins/, and then activate the plugin from the Plugins page in WordPress


Can I add product attributes to my product export?

Yes. The premium version allows you to add any attributes associated with products, including those from any plugin or WooCommerce extension.

Does WooCommerce Product Export output product variations?

Yes. The plugin gives you access to all product variable data.

Can I export products to CSV?

Yes. This is the default file type for exporting products.

Can I export products to Excel?

With the free version of WooCommerce Product Export, you can export products to CSV, which you can then open in Excel. With the premium version, you can export products directly to .xls or .xlsx.

Can I export products to XML?

Yes. With the free version of WooCommerce Product Export, you can build a simple XML feed with just a few clicks. With the premium version, you can build a completely custom XML feed regardless of complexity.

How many WooCommerce products can I export at one time?

You can export as many products as you wish. The only limit is to the file size allowed by the server or imposed by your method of file transmission.

In either case, WooCommerce Product Export allows you to avoid these constraints by splitting your product exports into multiple files based on record counts.

Can I export products in different languages?

Yes. By installing the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML), you can export WooCommerce product text in more than 40 languages.

Can I bulk edit WooCommerce products?

Absolutely. Just export your products to a spreadsheet, perform your bulk edits there, then import the modified products back into WooCommerce.

Can I migrate products from one WooCommerce store to another?

Yes. Because WP All Export and WP All Import understand each other, you can do this with just a few clicks.

How do I Synchronize My WooCommerce Store with the Google Merchant Center?

As long as you set up the product export feed generated by WooCommerce Product Export so that it completes before the scheduled fetch that you’ve set up for the Merchant Center, synchronization should occur at the scheduled intervals. You might also consider setting up an email notification to verify that the export was successful.

How often is WooCommerce Product Export updated?

At a minimum, both the free and premium versions of the plugin are updated with each major WordPress release and often many times in between.

How do I get support?

The free version of WooCommerce Product Export is supported through the community forums. Purchasers of the premium version can email us directly. We will respond as fast as we can, usually within one business day.


9 Mei 2023
This plugin makes me feel warm inside. Yeah, I said it.
31 Mac 2023
The only plugin you will ever need to export your products the way you want. Fabulous flexibility and awesome support for the whole suite.
14 Mac 2023
I use this plugin on many projects, some of them with lot of data, I can do all my imports without any difficulty, even the most complex ones.
8 Februari 2023
Both the WP All Export and WP All Import plugins are a necessity to my business. I have been using both for many years and have not come across any other plugins that can match them. Very simple and filled with options. Especially for my WooCommerce store.
5 Disember 2022
Really heavy tool, lots of options. Lots of possibilities. Saving time for me (developer) and letting earn more! Full Pro plugin version paid off for me in few months 🙂 Recommending 100%
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