The Ezoic plugin provides WordPress with features and settings for Ezoic on their website. This includes:

  • Automatic Ezoic ad placeholder insertion
  • Website performance optimizations included in Ezoic Leap
  • Ezoic caching and CDN settings
  • Detection of conflicting plugins or WordPress theme settings
  • Platform integration (if a site is not Cloud integrated)
  • Create, manage, and validate your ads.txt

Ezoic is a technology platform designed to help publishers improve every visitor session by using artificial intelligence to streamline ad revenue growth, testing, website performance SEO, and content.

Ezoic is used by everyone from independent website owners to major media brands.

For more information on the Ezoic platform and to use it on your website, visit https://www.ezoic.com/.


The plugin can be added by downloading it from our WordPress listing or by searching directly in the plugin directory from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Using The Plugin For Initial Ezoic Integration:

The Ezoic plugin can be used on its own for initial Ezoic integration. It is NOT recommended as a long-term integration method.

Sites can follow setup directions inside their Ezoic dashboard upon login to finish setting up Ezoic after integration is complete.

Ezoic recommends switching to Cloud integration

Ezoic’s plugin is best utilized alongside Cloud integration (via Cloudflare or by changing your nameservers at your host or registrar)

How to change from WordPress integration to Cloud integration:


Setting up Ad Tester Placeholders:

Ezoic’s WordPress plugin allows you to easily set up and adjust ad placeholders based on Ezoic’s best practices.

The following guide will walk you through installing, activating and updating your placeholder setup within the Ezoic WordPress Plugin:


Leap Optimization:

It is recommended you install the Ezoic plugin to maximize performance while using Leap.

Cloud Integration is required to ensure the best performance when using Ezoic Leap. Without Cloud integration in place most of Leap’s features and the plugin’s benefits will not be available.

Note: Installing and activating the Ezoic Plugin will not change your integration method if you are already Cloud Integrated.

Using the super-fast Ezoic Cloud for caching and page loading:

You will need to enable API access to the Ezoic Cloud to utilize caching features inside your site’s WordPress admin. This is located in the settings tab of the Ezoic user dashboard.

Note: WordPress integrated sites are unable to use Ezoic Cloud caching unless they are Cloud Integrated.

Once you have your API key from your Ezoic dashboard, it can be added to your Ezoic plugin settings inside the site’s WordPress admin dashboard under Ezoic > CDN settings.


5 Jun 2023
I regret to share my disappointing experience with the Ezoic Plugin. Unfortunately, instead of enhancing my website’s performance and monetization, it had the opposite effect, causing significant issues that severely impacted user experience. First and foremost, the Ezoic Plugin drastically slowed down my website. Pages that used to load quickly now take an agonizingly long time to display content, leading to frustrating delays for my visitors. This sluggishness has undoubtedly contributed to a decrease in user engagement and potential conversions. To make matters worse, the plugin’s installation broke various elements of my site. I encountered numerous glitches and compatibility issues that resulted in distorted layouts, broken links, and overall degraded functionality. This not only compromised the visual appeal of my website but also negatively affected its usability and credibility. Despite trying different configurations and seeking support from Ezoic, the issues persisted. The promised benefits of increased revenue and improved ad placement were overshadowed by the continuous problems caused by this plugin. It has left me with a sense of frustration and a need to find an alternative solution to rectify the damage done. Considering the detrimental impact on site performance and the numerous technical glitches encountered, I cannot recommend the Ezoic Plugin to fellow website owners. It falls short of its intended purpose, and the drawbacks far outweigh any potential benefits. I strongly urge others to explore alternative options that prioritize site speed and stability, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience for visitors.
2 April 2023
I installed this plugin and then decided not to use it. I tried to deactivate the plugin but it would not deactivate! I tried all sorts of things, but nothing would make it inactive and thus uninstallable. I was forced to revert to backup. Very annoying
21 Disember 2022
Ezoicrap Forced to watch a useless video after signing up on their site in order to continue to the next page, then only to find out my one and only option is to change my nameservers? And there is no delete my account option on their website?Wasted my time. And just installing the plugin (no activation) causes my WordPress website to die.Trash. Absolute Trash.
5 Oktober 2022
I have been trying for 2 weeks to get this to work. It has broken all of the Ads.txt pages and won’t finish installing because there was already an ads.txt, the support is just “use the plugin” when that doesn’t work support says download “ads.txt manager it is our product” when you do that and it doesn’t work you just don’t hear from them. When you do hear it is 48 hour later typically. I was excited to try and was even sold by the “so easy you will never have to think about ads again” pitch. Well truth is I never thought about them with Adsense and now that is pretty broken and I still don’t have ezoic working and I am stil waiting for support. I would stay away from this. I am hoping maybe they can help in the next 48 hours or I am dumping it.
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  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added Support for ad placeholders to be used as humix placeholders


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Enhanced ads.txt setup


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Small performance optimization


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Cache clearing enhancements


  • Version update


  • PHP 8.2 compatibility


  • GTranslate cache clearing


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Update WordPress Compatibility


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed Humix page


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor troubleshooting enhancements


  • Facebook cache clearing fix