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URL Shortener | Conversion Tracking | AB Testing | WooCommerce

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

URL Shortener | Conversion Tracking | AB Testing | WooCommerce


Link Manager plugin makes your long URL into your short and beautiful URL . with custom URL structure . Not only that you can track visitor conversion rate . by setting a thank you page ! This plugin also supports Woocommerce so you can short any of your product links and also make a short URL and later you can track the conversion and ROI [ Return Over Investment ]
You can use this plugin for performing any advertisement or for any PPC [pay per click] network campaign , this tool will help you understand if your ad campaign is profitable or not . Advance URL shortener plugin comes with a detailed report for each short URL that is created . The report comes with a great graphical representation which shows the total number of clicks, number of unique clicks and also the conversion rate by user browser number of clicks by user country ! Total Number of conversion and conversion rate by date ! This data will help anyone to make the right decision for setting the right campaign for any product !

Here Is List Of Requirements That This Plugin Solves For Any Marketers Or Entrepreneurs

Short Links

You can easily create good looking internal external shortlink.

Detailed Report

This is the most attractive part to analyze your customer.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

This is only shotlink plugging that also tracks WooCommerce conversion.

Landing Page Or Conversion Tracking

If you are collecting leads you also can track the conversion rate of your user.

AB testing

This plugin allow AB testing for Woocommerce and also for Squeeze Pages As well.

301 ,302 And 307 Redirect With Reporting

This plugin also allows 301 ,302 and 307 redirects with detailed reports of the audience.

Country Based URL Redirection

With Link manager plugin users can set country based redirection with detailed analytics .

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  • Auto Linking
  • URL Shortener
  • Redirection
  • Geo Redirection
  • Security


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


What is custom url shortener features for wordpress in Link Manager?

Link shortener is great tool for affiliate marketers as people affiliates want to hide affiliate link and also want to use clocked link. Link manager is a great tool for for URL shortener. With this tool you can short any internal and external links or affiliate links. On the other hand this url shortener also comes with click counter which is very important for tracking the clicks on each shorten links.

What Is WordPress redirection feature in Link Manager?

By using Link Manager plugin you can set 301, 302, 307 redirection for any page or port in your website. Not only you can use it for URL redirection but also you can count hits for each redirection activity.


21 Jun 2020 1 reply
It shows a lot of broken links, 404 Not Found, but when I checked, the link was good.
29 Disember 2019
I installed this and after a few minutes got the hang of it. It showed me some links that were an incorrect format and a broken one. Works like a charm. Thanks! Any chance of adding this to the dashboard?
9 Oktober 2019
I was optimistic when it quickly reported that it had found 59 broken links that the previous link checker hadn’t. From then on however it’s been downhill. The plug-in seemingly specialises in generating false reports (or at least reporting links that appear to be working). Breaking the <center> tag in images and tables and aligning your website left. Breaking the open in separate tab HTML attribute. And inserting %0D%0A into a link (hence breaking it) It’s probably going to cost me a few days labour now to repair the damage this plug-in has caused, and consequently its been deactivated. You just can’t trust it. I’m fearful also about how much other sabotage it’s performed. Not really sure it should be out there based on my experience. It doesn’t look fit for purpose. It’s broken every single link in posts and pages that was set up to open a separate tab It’s a shame, as I had high hopes for it, but its done a lot of damage to the layout
18 September 2019
I have many broken links in my website and using this plugin I have resolved broken link issues. Quick fix and convenient to use. It has some issue to use, but nice. Good. Very helpful and thank you.
17 September 2019 1 reply
There is no button to tell the plugin to START running! So I have no idea if it will randomly decide when it will run. Or if it will ever run at all. It shows Checking status No internal or external broken links found. No links Detected. Which is absolutely incorrect. I suspect it sais this because it has never run yet. But even then, the message is misleading. And there appears to be no way to tell it TO run. The video looks promising. But probably it is not ready for actual use yet. Probably this should be labeled as a Alpha (or Beta) testing version !! It is also *possible* that the button is hidden somewhere, other than the Plugin’s ONLY page ?? Or that it will decide to run on its own, whenever IT FEELS like it (which I believes would be a POOR decision on the developer’s behalf), and that once it *does decide* to run, it’s wonderful. But it is unlikely to be the case. honestly, I believe it to be not ready for prime time yet, and will likelly uninstall immediately. I *want* it to work, so I may keep an eye on this plugin, and try again as it begins to mature. Note that at this point, it only has 20 installs !!!
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Init First version


Update core


Add functionality


Update some functions.


Add functionality like geo redirection, inactive logout, lockout time, ip whitelist and blacklist


Bug fix and updated performance


Add link click analytics and conversion rate.


Bug fix and updated performance


Remove broken link check and update performance