Clone Pages/Posts/CPT/Woo Products


This plugin allows you to easily clone pages, posts, custom post types, and WooCommerce products in WordPress for free.


Once activated, a “Clone” link will be added to the row actions for pages, posts, custom post types and wooCommerce product in the WordPress admin interface. Clicking this link will create a draft copy of the selected item with “(Cloned)” appended to the title.


  • Cloned items are created as drafts by default.
  • Taxonomies associated with the original item will also be copied to the cloned item.
  • Cloning functionality is available for all post types except for attachments.
  • WooCommerce product cloning is supported.


For support or inquiries, please contact MN Shariff at



  1. Search for “Clone Pages/Posts/CPT/Woo Products” plugin
  2. Activate the plugin


Q: How do I clone a page or post?
A: In the WordPress admin interface, navigate to the list of pages, posts, or custom post types. Hover over the item you want to clone, and you’ll see a “Clone” link in the row actions. Click on this link to create a draft copy of the selected item.

Q: Can I clone WooCommerce products with this plugin?
A: Yes, this plugin supports cloning of WooCommerce products. You can clone products in the same way as pages or posts.

Q: What happens to the original item after cloning?
A: The original item remains unchanged. A draft copy with “(Cloned)” appended to the title is created for you to edit separately.

Q: Can I customize the cloned item before saving it?
A: Yes, the cloned item is created as a draft, allowing you to make any desired modifications before publishing.

Q: Are taxonomies associated with the original item copied to the cloned item?
A: Yes, taxonomies (such as categories or tags) associated with the original item will also be copied to the cloned item.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of items I can clone?
A: There’s no inherent limit imposed by the plugin. However, server resources and WordPress settings may impose practical limits.


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  • Added compatibility with WordPress 6.5.2.
  • Updated minimum PHP version requirement to 7.4.


  • Initial release.