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A fully featured Gutenberg block plugin which have call to action block with extended customization support and great design. It currently have 10+ seperate call to action layouts along with options for background color, image and gradient.

How to use as gutenberg block?

  1. While you are on the post/page edit screen click on gutenberg plus icon to add a new gutenberg block
  2. Add “Call to action” from “Common” category
  3. Set link, layout, background etc from inspector control panel

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This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Call to action Call to action WordPress gutenberg block with extended customization


  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Opt-in to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for Call to Action Gutenberg Block.
  4. Click install and Activate.

You can also check this tutorial:


What is Call to Action Gutenberg Block and why would I need it?

Call to Action Gutenberg Block is a secure, fully featured, and completely free gutenberg block plugin to add call to action on your page/post

Does it support Gutenberg?

Yes, it’s having a gutenberg block ‘Call to action’ listed on Common category of gutenberg block listed


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  • Improvement: Enhanced compatibility to support WordPress 6.4.2

2.1.0 – 08 OCT 2023

  • Improvement: Updated WPCS to version 3.0.0
  • Fix: Fixed security issues for WPCS version 3.0.0

2.0.6 – 27 SEPT 2023

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2.0.2 – 17 APR 2023

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2.0.1 – 2 APR 2023

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2.0.0 – 22 FEB 2023

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1.0.9 – 08 FEB 2023

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1.0.3 – 22 MAY 2022

  • Added style 12
  • Fix image placeholder displace issue
  • Make compatible with WordPress 6.0
  • Fix congested place issue on editor
  • Fix style responsive issues

1.0.2 – 14 SEP 2021

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1.0.1 – 02 AUG 2021

  • Fix and tested with new wordpress

1.0.0 – 19 AUG 2020

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