Bluehost Site Migrator


This plugin is designed by the WordPress experts at Bluehost, one of the world’s top WordPress providers. It was created to make migration easier and faster by only requiring you to install this plugin and follow the simple steps. Once you’ve completed your compatibility check, this plugin will create a secure copy of your website and begin the transfer to your Bluehost hosting account.

Important: You will need a Bluehost hosting account for this plugin to complete the migration. It is not intended for migrations to other hosting providers.


  1. Install the plugin by clicking Add New on the Plugins screen in your WordPress admin, then searching for “Bluehost Site Migrator”.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Click on the “Site Migrator” link on the left-hand menu in the WordPress admin to get started!


22 Mei 2023
Seems to be like everyone else says...stuck on "packaging dropins" for the past few hours. Bluehost support said to use another method. So I guess it doesn't work.
11 Mei 2023
Left the "quick and easy" clone process running all night . . . and when I woke six seven hours later the process STILL hadn't completed. Not even sure it was actually working at all.
9 Mei 2023
Backup appeared to work successfully, but when I hit the button to log back into the Bluehost site, it gave me a login failure. Immediately told support I wouldn't be paying for migration - so they spent an hour trying to get me to get a token. The most frustrating ridiculous experience I've ever had.
28 April 2023
It looks like your site didn't transfer. We might have gotten disconnected, or there could be something else going on. Let's figure it out. Call us at 888-401-4678Try Again And then charges you insane amount to migrate your site to their hosting! DANG!
22 Mac 2023
Come on Bluehost, it's as clear as day this plugin doesn't work. Look at your reviews. It looks like a way for them to create an additional charge for their customers. If you're migration plugin doesn't work, that's your fault. You shouldn't be charging us because of your shortcomings. You should be giving us free migration until you fix the plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Switch to background tasks for packaging and increase timeouts.


  • Updated dependencies and copy regarding compatible hosting plans.


  • Additional checks for presence of required functions.


  • Fix for geolocation functionality


  • Adds international support


  • Applied minor JavaScript dependency security patches
  • Update a URL reference on final migration screen


  • Performance improvement: Image optimization


  • Security Patch: Add empty index.php file to prevent directory browsing on insecure server configurations.
  • Maintenance: Update account creation URL.


  • Security Patch: Update Lodash version
  • Maintenance: Remove debug code


  • Initial version