This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Bens Translator


Bens Translator is a plugin for WordPress that generates translated pages using Google Translator.
The pages are cached by your webserver and displayed as a normal webpage.
This allows indexing by Google and other search engines to boost your traffic.


Search Engine Optimized: it uses the permalinks by adding the language code at the beginning of all your URI.
For example the english version on will be automatically transformed in

Fast Caching System: new fast, smart, optimized, self-cleaning and built-in caching system.
Drastically reduction of the risk of temporarily ban from translation engines.

Fully configurable layout: you can easily customize the appearance of the translation bar by choosing between a TABLE or DIV based layout for the flags bar.
You can also select the number of translations to make available to your visitors.

No database modifications: Bens Translator is not intrusive.
It doesn’t create or alter any table on your database, this feature permits to obtain better performance by not running extra database queries.


  • Administration interface in WordPress 2.8
  • Translated Pages Interface




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Known Bugs

  • When changing permalink structure from on to off, plugin settings need to be updated or you will get a 404 error


  • FIXED – Text links not displaying


  • ADDED – Tags and Categories to cache management page
  • CHANGED – Cache management with jquery and customisable views options (thanks to


  • ADDED – Cache Management Page (You can Backup, Delete and Manually Flush the cache)
  • FIXED – Minor Bug Fixes
  • CHANGED – Number of pages shown in cache browser now 20 at a time


  • ADDED – Added Romanian Language


  • FIXED – Page not translated page “looping”
  • ADDED – Option to turn Validation engine on/off in settings
  • REMOVED – WordPress Proxy Support (Will be back)


  • CHANGED – File directory error checking
  • ADDED – WordPress Proxy Support


  • ADDED – New page showing what pages are translated
  • FIXED – Directory not writable 0777 error
  • FIXED – filemtime error


  • FIXED – 500/403 “Redirect Loop” error
  • FIXED – Translation stopped after language bar
  • ADDED – Customisable Template for redirect


  • ADDED – Italian Translation (Provided By )
  • FIXED – Adding random characters to the url would show original page (with invalid url)
  • FIXED – Empty redirect in Google Webmaster, removed Extra Frame in google translation
  • FIXED – Pages wouldn’t Expire to Stale Cache
  • UPDATED – Estimated pages to translate is now more accurate
  • ADDED – Meta Language tag to translated pages
  • ADDED – Translated pages will now validate


  • CHANGED – Changed all variables from gltr prefix to bentr, To prevent conflicts with Global Translator
  • CHANGED – Changed how Bens-translator handles google returning an error (Works without the widget/flag bar on the page)
  • ADDED – Added support for WordPress po/mo translation framework (No Translations Yet)
  • CHANGED – Changed Language drop down list to include localisation
  • ADDED – Check to see if permalinks have been changed and then automatically updates the .htaccess
  • CHANGED – Changed redirect status code to 307 “temporary redirect”
  • CHANGED – Changed Alt attribute of flag from “flag” to the language


  • CHANGED – Language settings for many languages incorrect


  • FIXED – Bug where a blog not using permalinks wouldn’t redirect to google translate correctly**
  • ADDED – Text links instead of country flags
  • FIXED – Bug where translated pages would be added to google sitemaps regardless of setting**


  • ADDED- Optional user editable header can be displayed on any translated page


  • First release


  • ADDED – Checks for php/wordpress version for compatability
  • REMOVED – Extra Translation Engines, Now uses Google solely
  • REMOVED – Languages not allowed by Google Adsense
  • FIXED – number of files translated error, where folders would be included in total**
  • ADDED – Files translated is now automatically loaded in admin panel
  • ADDED – Estimated total number of files to be translated added to admin panel
  • CHANGED – English flag changed to the Union Flag (Union Jack)
  • CHANGED – Cache files and directory organised for easier viewing
  • CHANGED – Default expiry changed to 30 days
  • CHANGED – Default translation engine connect time changed to 580 seconds
  • CHANGED – Options page reorganised
  • FIXED – Bug where pages were moved to stale cache, and were younger than the user cache time**
  • ADDED – Clears Database entrys on deactivation and creates fresh variables on activation

** Bug from Global Translator