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Are you tired of spending hours creating content for your website? Do you want to take your website’s content to the next level? Look no further than the AI Content Creator plugin for WordPress!

Looking for an easy and efficient way to create blog entries for your website? Look no further than AI Content Creator!

With this powerful WordPress plugin, you can quickly generate high-quality content using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. Simply enter a title for your article, click “Create article,” and let the plugin do the rest.

Please note that you’ll need an OpenAI API key to use the plugin. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet; we provide instructions on how to get a free key in the plugin’s help section. Once you’ve used up your free credit, you can continue using the plugin for a low monthly fee.

While AI-generated content is not always perfect, the plugin includes preliminary error checks to help you catch any issues before publishing. Plus, you can preview the content and edit it as needed before creating a post draft and hitting “publish.”

After article has been created, you may use the featured image selector included. It offers you a bunch of royalty free suggestions from Pixabay related to the article topic and includes a image search engine to make it as easy as possible.

SEO capabilities include automatic tags for the article, as well as meta keywords and description if the AI creates them and Yoast SEO, All in One SEO or Rank Math SEO are installed and active on your site.

We’re constantly working to improve the plugin’s capabilities and stay up-to-date with the latest AI technologies. In fact, we’re planning to add support for upcoming OpenAi’s GPT competitors like AI21, Google Bard, ChatSonic API, Chinchilla, and more.

The plugin supports multiple languages. And if there’s a language you need that’s not yet supported, just let us know; we’re always open to feedback and suggestions.

You can configure the plugin to write articles in these languages:
– English (English)
– Spanish (Español)
– Portuguese (Português)
– French (Français)
– German (Deutsch)
– Russian (русский)
– Japanese (日本語)
– Italian (Italiano)
– Chinese (中文)
– Dutch (Nederlands)
– Korean (한국어)
– Arabic (العربية)
– Turkish (Türkçe)
– Polish (Polski)
– Ukrainian (українська)
– Persian (فارسی)
– Swedish (Svenska)
– Czech (čeština)
– Danish (Dansk)
– Finnish (Suomi)
– Hungarian (Magyar)
– Catalan (Català)
– Basque (Euskara)
– Galician (Galego)
– Asturian (Asturianu)

Performance and quality may be affected when writing in languages used by a low population.

To ensure your API key stays safe and secure, we’ve implemented various measures to protect it from unauthorized access. For example, the plugin erases your key from queries prior to saving, and access to the plugin’s settings is restricted to administrators.

Need help getting started? Check out the plugin’s help section for detailed instructions on how to use AI Content Creator to its full potential.


  1. An API key to access an AI account.


  • Article creation order page.
  • Created articles list.
  • Settings page.
  • Correct article creation result page.
  • Article creation failed result page.


  1. Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/ai-content-creator/ directory or install plugin directlly through the Plugins menu of your WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu of your WordPress.
  3. Go to AI Content Creator settings from the WordPress admin menu to configure the plugin.
  4. Adjust settings to fit your needs and press at Save changes.


Why is an OpenAI API key needed?

This is because the plugin will speak with their AI to perform de work. The API is the communication plug where the plugin can connect if authorized.

How can I sign for the OpenAI account?

Follow the plugin Help section for intructions. Is not difficult, don’t worry.

The result is not HTML

As humans, AI are not exact nor predictable, is a typical fail, try it again. Also keep in mind that too much instructions may cause to forget to follow some others. Think as you are explaining Homer Simpson what to do. Try to be concise and don’t bother it with an exccess of instructions.


25 Mac 2023
El plugin me parece fantástico y funciona de verdad, no como la mayoría. He probado varios antes que este y ninguno se puede siquiera comparar en calidad, facilidad de uso y funcionalidad. Súper intuitivo. Me gustaría agradecer a los desarrolladores por su trabajo en la creación de este plugin, de hecho, lo recomendaré a mis colegas en mi empresa.
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Jun 09 2023
* Minor text fixes.
* Added guidance to assist plugin translators.
* More source code styling improvements.


May 01 2023
* Featured image selector included.
* Creates a SEO slug from title.
* Apply post tags if obtained from AI.
* Apply post excerpt if obtained from AI.
* If Yoast SEO, All in One SEO or Rank Math SEO actives, apply meta description and keywords if provided from AI.
* Improved internal postproduction process.
* Improved some notifications.
* Improved displaying of admin menu icon.
* Replaced some code requiring PHP version 8.0 to ensure to lower this requisite to PHP version 5.4.
* Source code styling improved.


Apr 05 2023
* Removed Spanish language translation file from the plugin package as it is now available for translation at
* Added catalan translation file.
* Lowered required PHP version to 5.4.


Mar 23 2023
* Enable translation capability from


Mar 23 2023
* Solved failed HTML creations detection.


Mar 22 2023
* Improved draft code filtering.
* Improved the create form security. HTML tags are rejected.
* Solved some translation bugs.
* Solved animation process bug.


Mar 20 2023
* First public version.