Accredible Certificates & Open Badges


The Accredible platform enables organizations to create, manage and distribute digital credentials as digital certificates, open badges and blockchain credentials.

An example digital certificate and badge can be viewed here:

This plugin enables you to issue dynamic, digital certificates or open badges on your WordPress instance.

A video walkthrough of the plugin can be viewed here:

Benefits of digital credentials:

  • Every time your recipients share their credentials, your brand spreads across the web.
  • View analytics on your alumni.
  • Create a directory of your graduates.
  • Unlimited certificate and badge designs.
  • Easy sharing, exporting and printing.
  • Make sure people can’t lie about taking your course.

Example Output


  • Digital Certificate
  • Digital Open Badge
  • Create digital certificates
  • Responsive certificate designs
  • Marketing click throughs and impressions
  • Example Google certificate.


  1. Visit to obtain an API key
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to the plugin settings and input your API key
  5. Add the widget if desired. It will show a list of certificates or badges for a currently signed in user.
  6. Add the shortcode [accredible_credential image=”true” limit=”10″ style=”true”] to a page or post if desired. It will show certificates and badges for a currently signed in user.

Manually creating certificates:

  1. Go to the ‘Certificates & Badges’ page in the WordPress admin menu.
  2. On the list of your users, select which students you would like to issue certificates to and then select a group.
  3. Click ‘Create Credentials’


How do I get an API key?

Visit to obtain a free API key.

How can I show certificates or badges to my users?

You can use the widget or shortcode to display badges or certificates that belong to the current WordPress user.

The shortcode is: [accredible_credential] but it accepts a number of options: [accredible_credential image=”true” limit=”10″ style=”true”].

Can you add support for another WordPress LMS or theme?

Sure, just post an issue and we’ll get to work:


27 Oktober 2021
This plug-in is a great idea, but sadly not developed well. The shortcode does not work, meaning the list of Certificates can’t be displayed to the WP user – it makes for a lot of admin on our end. There is a ton of potential here and I hope Accredible spends some time to fix the basics, keep it current, and move it from a side-project to something more permanent.
16 Julai 2020
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22 Februari 2019
The plugin is working good, just it loses it’s point if you have many WP users and you have to choose each one of them manually and issue a certificate. I suggest adding support for memberships plugins like Paid Memberships Pro.
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Contributors & Developers

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Fix issue in API Settings page


Fix issue with uppercase emails


Fix version info of the plugin


Update HTTP request headers of the API


Test against latest WP version.


Shortcode no longer incorrectly outputs content.


Use the WordPress user’s full name rather than nicename.


Add the ability to search through WordPress users.


Limit the certificate users page to a maximum of 50.


Added widget and shortcode to display/list recipient certificates & badges.


Update permissions required to issue certificates & badges.


Added better debugging for easier customer support.


Use the WordPress user full name and a few small updates.


Fix bug with second drop down group selection not always working.


Better documentation.


Support PHP 5.4.


Bug fixes.


Allow creation and management of certificates and badges for any users – not just Academy Theme.


Replace Curl requirement so that plugin works on Windows hosts.


More bug fixes and improvements.


Bug fixes and improvements.


Pass through course link on certificate creation.


Add course completion to certificates table.


Bug fixes.


First version.