Accessibility Font Resizer


Would you like to enable all your visitors to enjoy your site? Not all visitors sees your website the way you do.

This plugin allows you to make your website easier to read and give the visitors of your site the option to change the font size of your text.


  • Enables more visitor to enjoy your website with custom large and very large font sizes.
  • Works no matter if your site uses percentage, pixels, em or rem as your font sizes.
  • Your visitor’s text size is remembered when (s)he revisits the site.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Works within minutes.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Won’t slow your website.

This plugin was created and is maintained by SatelliteWP, a WordPress maintenance service.


This plugin is multilingual ready.


  1. In your WordPress administration section, goto Plugins > Add new.
  2. Search for Accessibility font resizer.
  3. Click on ‘Install now’.
  4. Once the plugin is installed, click on ‘Activate’.
  5. Go to Settings > Font resizer to edit the plugin’s settings.


How can I activate the function of the plugin?

Once the plugin is activated, the functions of the plugin work.

I have activated the plugin, now what ?

To be able to use the plugin, you should create a menu. You can use (or not) that menu in a widget.

The trick is to simply add the CSS class afr-normal to display normal size, afr-large for large text and afr-xlarge for very large text.

You can also apply this CSS technique in your PHP files or directly in your content.

I click the resizer, but (some of) my fonts don’t change in size. How to fix that?

Simply inspect the element that is not resizing properly to know what element it is. Then, simply add it to the ‘HTML Elements’ section in the options’ screen.

You can find the plugin’s settings in Settings > Font resizer.

I use font-size in rem in my theme, will it work?

It’s not a problem. The plugin works with all units!

I use font-size in pixels in my theme, will it work?

It’s not a problem. The plugin works with all units!

I use font-size in percentage in my theme, will it work?

It’s not a problem. The plugin works with all units!

I want to use a shortcode in my content element

There is no shortcode for this plugin. You can call CSS classes directly without the need of a shortcode.

I found a bug

Oh no! We are really sorry about that. Please report bugs here.


31 Mac 2023 1 reply
A bit more complex to use at the beginning, but easy to understand after a quick visit to support. Once you get the hang of it, the Accessibility Font Resizer plugin is really dynamic, effective and helpful. Due to its functionality and ease of use, the plugin deserves a five-star rating!
16 Oktober 2022 1 reply
Nothing happens on the site after your instructions. Maybe your plugin has a lot of standard-theme deps but then you should mention it. So for me it does not work anyway
9 Disember 2020 3 replies
The developer seems to lack giving any instructions beyond a video which is hopeless. Why not give an example, and CSS classes we can copy & paste into buttons or text? This really deserves 5 stars, but get 4 stars because of lack of decent instructions. I don’t have the patience to watch a video and pause, type out a class when I want to create my own widget or place it in a page and NOT a menu. A real shame since 30 seconds of the developer writing instructions is all it would need. Anyway, in it’s very basic form you can do this: <span class=”afr-normal”>A</span> <span class=”afr-large”>A</span> <span class=”afr-xlarge”>A</span> But then you’d need to make your own CSS for styling the cursor, and sizes of those 3 A’s if you want it too look good. Why doesn’t this plugin have it? Right now, I’m adding my own shortcode and using this plugin core to make my own version!
29 Oktober 2020 1 reply
Looks simple and promising. The instructions are useless – where to add the css class? If a plugin developer is too lazy to add two short sentences as explanation he deserve’s only one star, sorry. Looking in the source helps: Goto wp-content/plugins/accessibility-font-resizer/js/script.js to get the idea. Create Buttons or links on your page and add the classes mentioned in the instructions and listed in the js file to accomplish font rezising. It would be so simple to describe this in the instructions so that everybody can manage this
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  • Added links in the options page for support
  • Fixed a typo in the documentation
  • Fixed a typo in class name (leaving the previous error for backward compatibility)


  • Add debugging option in the settings


  • Remove renamed file that cause plugin to install twice


  • Fix version error


  • First stable version